The Beginning

February 12, 2013

As I lay her watching CNN news I am also listening to John F. Kennedys inaugural speech. The man who is known as Camelot to the world was a president before my time. However, as I learned about the Cold War I learned of President Kennedy. The moment I admire from President Kennedy involved in a time where America and Russia were on the cusp of entering a nuclear war with one another. However, as the days went by and hours ticked away Kennedy was adamant in looking for a peaceful end to the nuclear confrontation we faced. The moment in our country’s history became to be known as The Thirteen Day Cuban Missile Crisis. The president faced a strong group of military generals urging him to invade Cuban as Russian armamants were entering the country. With the aid from Russia, Castro and his military were building launch pads and loading mid-range missiles able to hit the United States.
Now if this situation happened in 2013 I strongly believe that the United States would have engaged Cuba with no chance of diplomacy to take its course. We see a nation which has strongly invested into its military and has been involved in multiple operations around the globe. As John F. Kennedy stated “The graves of young Americans surround the globe.” That is true to this day, with Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom we have lost a estimated number of 7,000 U.S troops. After 9/11/01 we immediately invaded Afghanistan and two years later Iraq.
Now 15 of the 19 hijackers originated from Saudi Arabia and yet we invade two countries who we deemed possessed Al Qaeda militants. To this day we are still involved in Afghanistan, the longest military operation this country has ever been a part of. The United States has become the Soviets of the 1970s. This perceptive is held by those who live in Afghanistan as we see more green on blue attacks on I.S.A.F forces. People who we say we are helping are turning around and killing our men and women as the assit them into a transition crucial to a Democratic state. The billions of dollars we pump into Afghanistan has yet to produce any results that have turned that nation to a true Democratic state.
To add on to the problems we face in Afghanistan we see its neighbor Pakistan having internal problems within their government. As militants attack coalition forces from the border we use drones to kill those combatants who intend to harm our men and women. However, as we use our new form of warfare innocent civilans are being caught into the crossfire of our drone attacks. So we wonder why the United States and Pakistani relations have been on icy waters. However, can we blame our government for using this new style of warfare? Can we justify the violation of sovereignty of Pakistani soil? I have rambled on but I will answer those questions and more on my upcoming blogs.


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