The Pick and Choose Game

Last night I began my blog talking about the Cuban Missile Crisis and then talked briefly about the United States Foreign policy. I also gave a mention to the drone program this nation has been using in order to combat militants on the Pakistani border. Now I brought those examples up because I want to illustrate how the United States picks and choose its combat military operations.
The country of Pakistan has been aiding the United States as it conducts its military operation in Afghanistan. However, there have been times when that country closed its borders used by NATO to supply its forces. This all resulted from the drone strikes we have conducted and also because of the raid that killed Osama bin Laden.
As and American I celebrated the day we took down bin Laden. I live in New Jersey 15 min away from New York and where the World Trade Center was in my view every morning I woke up. So as many Americans it was a personal beef we had with this Al Qaeda leader. However, as the months went by, I began to listen to the Pakistani side of the raid. They repeated on saying that we violated their sovereignty in the raid.
Then we shift over to the drone strikes where we are using armed drones in order for us to conduct military operations against terrorist networks in the region. What makes it difficult for the United States in using boots on the ground to take down these networks is the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan. These terrorist networks use the border of Pakistan to launch attacks against I.S.A.F forces.
Some of these attacks have led to the deaths of innocent civilians and I do understand that in war lives even those of innocent ones are lost. But do we not realize that these civilian casualties hurt our cause in having success against these terrorist networks. I say this because we are giving them the propaganda they need to gain more supporters. Even citizens of this country have turned against our nation in support of these extremists.
Now the way that this becomes a pick and choose game is this, as much as Pakistan has shut down its border to NATO forces and even critiquing the United States on TV we allow them to sit back ideally and do nothing against the terrorist networks in their country. A main reason why we did not inform the Pakistani government of the raid before it took place was because we do not trust the intelligence agencies known as the I.S.I. To give you an example why we don’t trust them is because after the raid they arrested the doctor who helped identify that the man living in the military city of Islamabad was Osama bin Laden.
To add to the irony we still give them billions of “military aid” a year. Yet they sit back and do nothing to crack down from a Counter Terrorism aspect. Every time the Pakistani government gets mad and shut down their borders we pay them off to re-open the border. We are basically paying a country that is playing both sides of the board. They say that they cannot engage the militants in the region we are using drones so my question is where is the money going then.
The United States will never dare in sending troops into that country because of the one weapon we almost went to war with, Russia. That’s right the “N” word and no it’s not a racial slur but material used for a variety of things such as power and even as medicine for cancer patients. The nuclear weapon stockpile Pakistan has will make any world leader shake and now we must choose to maintain those payments. Have we not learned that the people we hand money to in an attempt to have “friends” will hurt us in the end. Perfect example when the Soviet Union was in Afghanistan who do you think provided the weapons and training to the Taliban to fight off the Soviet occupation. You guessed right US and look those very same Taliban fighters used what they learned and now we are entrenched in a battle that in all honesty can be related to the War on Drugs it will never claim a victory. So I will leave you all with that I hope you enjoy and look forward to my next post.


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  1. When people think of shady business deals, wall street and bank loans come to mind, maybe even a drug deal on a street corner. Rarely do we see our dealings with other countries as being less than kosher or something of a business deal, but thats exactly what it is. We pay these countries millions in “aid” because America is the country of power, i mean “hope and change”. and we want the most bang for our buck. America treats its dealings with these small but potentially threatening countries with a reverse mob mentality. Instead of them paying us for any kind of protection, the “aid” we give them is only to aid us in return. hoping that we’ll be able to squeeze as much out of them to a point where we gain more, but little power. Pakistan isnt the first country to play both sides of the fence, and it sure wont be the last. America has a long history of playing this “Pick and Choose Game”. From backing dictators untill they’ve gone crazy to the point where we can’t control them anymore, to “liberating” these countries and forcing our ideals, or rather instilling our values upon their people. because whether they like it or not, it is whats best for them after all. Its true that we now live in a time that if Kennedy were president and the cuban missile crisis was the current situation we would strike. there would be no second thought, no talks of peace, but explosions and death. People often forget exactly how we got into the these situations the US is currently dealing with. 2 wars we couldnt properly fund, and the deaths of too many men and women and countless casualties. 9/11 set into motion a series of events unimaginable to the man whose father we also once referred to as Mr. President. and as soon as “W” decided to lead this “crusade” we lost sight of a peaceful world that Kennedy had once invisioned. People also forget an important business partner of George Bush Sr. was none other than Osama Bin Laden. The US also gave a Taliban ruled Afghanistan $245 mill in aid, only for that “aid” to be used to train brainwashed soldiers for attacks against America. but here we are, in 2013, 10 yrs later, one war has “ended” Bin Laden is dead, and still innocent lives are being lost every day. Drones are used in place of soldiers, and we can now push a button thousands of miles away from the comfort of our own country that causes the destruction of whole cities. But with one war down, a mountain of debt, and the promise from our current President that the end of the second war will come by next year, America will still stand.

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