‘‘Preserving American Privacy Act of 2013’’ My Response.

Recently a bill has been brought to Congress in relation to my last two post. This new piece of legislation deals with the use of unmanned drones used on American soil. Prior to this introduction of the bill, unmanned drones were being used without any law in regulating its use. Even though I am not a huge fan of the use drones we must understand that we live in a time and age where technology is consistently changing.
The drones used on American soil are not equipped with any weaponry so do not confuse these unmanned aircraft to those used in oversea operations. The bill now requires that a government entity that wishes to use an unmanned drone to file for warrant with a judge within the jurisdiction the operation will take place. In section 3119a.Definition Section 1Aii it states “‘‘(i) has jurisdiction over the offense being investigated; ‘‘(ii) is in a district in which the public unmanned aircraft system is located or where the public unmanned aircraft system is being or sought to be operated..” Congress is moving in the right direction in attempting to oversee the use of drones.
Deep in the body of the bill it states the following:
“If a court or appropriate department or agency determines that a governmental entity has violated any provision of this Act,and the court or appropriate department or agency finds that the circumstances surrounding the violation raise serious questions about whether or not an officer or employee of the United States acted intentionally with respect to the violation, the department or agency shall, upon receipt of a true and correct copy of a decision or findings of the court or appropriate department or agency,promptly initiate a proceeding to determine whether disciplinary action against the officer or employee is warranted. If the head of the department or agency involved determines that disciplinary action is not warranted, such head shall notify the Inspector General with jurisdiction over the department or agency concerned and shall provide the Inspector General with the reasons for such determination.”
However, I believe that the bill doesn’t go far enough. I would prefer that there be a limit to the usage of the unmanned drone. I do not believe that law enforcement agencies need to use it every time they are conducting an investigation. Ever since the “Patriot Act” was autopen by President Obama law enforcement have been given a cushion in conducting surveillance in the form of wiretaps and receiving warrants to conduct such operation. So the law enforcement entities should be limited to the use. I do believe that if the use of the aircraft can deter potential harm or danger aimed at individuals or towards events which will have a huge populace. Another scenario where I have no issue on the use of the aircraft would be in a search and rescue missions or a missing child however the warrant issued must include a timeline of how long the operation can last with the use of the drone.
Times are changing as well as technology and we cannot look at it as an invasion of privacy when the government will have an oversight oh how it will be conducted however, like i said the bill needs to go a bit further and limit its use to the ones listed above.


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