Cyber Attacks New Form of Espionage

Recently the media has mentioned on an event that has been ongoing since 2006. It involves a rapid growing economic country, China. Recently a private company named Mandiant conducted an investigation for the New York Times resulting in the discovery of the source of cyber attacks to their employees. The sources were linked to have originated off the Datong Road where a military unit known as Unit 61398 resides. Now with the last post I talked about how the advancement of technology is changing the strategy for not only war as well as the domestic side.

Even-though China is a foreign nation, their cyber attacks are targeting companies crucial to the operation of our infrastructure. As stated in the New York Times article by DAVID E. SANGER, DAVID BARBOZA and NICOLE PERLROTH “What most worries American investigators is that the latest set of attacks believed coming from Unit 61398 focus not just on stealing information, but obtaining the ability to manipulate American critical infrastructure: the power grids and other utilities.” So the question asked now is What actions can we take against these attacks?

It is bad enough that the Chinese government is the number one target for companies to outsource their businesses because of the cheap labor. Or the fact that they are stealing American based companies private documents to their economic advantage and how they manipulate their currency to devalue our American dollar. Now they are targeting the very operational systems that provide the necessities for the everyday American. The fact that this has been going on since 2006 is also appalling. Seven years and yet this government has yet to create a comprehensive bill to punish the Chinese for their actions.

When questioned the Chinese Foreign Ministry stated the following:‘‘Making unfounded accusations based on preliminary results is both irresponsible and unprofessional, and is not helpful for the resolution of the relevant problem,’ said Hong Lei, a ministry spokesman. ‘China resolutely opposes hacking actions and has established relevant laws and regulations and taken strict law enforcement measures to defend against online hacking activities.’’ This would be believable if majority of these attacks did not originate from the area where Unit 61398 is stationed.

Many say that we must pursue this with caution because of the relations we have with the government of China. They are also major backers when it comes to the sanctions we place on Iran. China also has played a critical role in the UN when it comes to passing resolutions against Syria. And we cannot forget the current situation playing out in North Korea with their current missile testing as well as their nuclear testing. So we see why the President or even Congress pass strict sanctions on the Chinese government.

We cannot place business infront of our national security. If the Chinese are allowed to continue their cyber hacking ways the more vulnerable the United States becomes. I’m not saying that the China plans to invade America but we can never be so comfortable with that idea. President Obama has passed thru executive action the following “..the government plans to share with American Internet providers information it has gathered about the unique digital signatures of the largest of the groups, including Comment Crew and others emanating from near where Unit 61398 is based.” However, more must be done. We must include steep fines, reduction in trade, and seek to fund the creation of a stronger cyber security system in America.

The countries the United States has some form of agreement involving money have a way of threatening in some way shape or form. But sitting by is not what we need to be doing action must be taken to show the Chinese government that their game espionage will no longer be tolerated.


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