Will Washington Inflict More Harm to Its Self

In the upcoming days the United States government will implement budget cuts known as sequestration. These cuts will go into effect on March 1, 2013. Now we would think that maybe Congress, the Senate, and the President would be able to come up with a bipartisan deal. However, to think of this happening is like believing that the Dallas Cowboys will make it to the playoffs next season. It’s bad enough that I myself am a Cowboys fan and I doubt them as much as I doubt our government.

From the finger pointing to the blame game we are now seeing a new argument forming around the sequestration. Who is to own the creation of theses budget cuts. Lets call a spade a spade both the President as well as House Republicans are to take ownership of the bill. This all originated in 2011 over the debit ceiling negotiations. Originally the sequestres were schedule to take into effect the beginning of the new year. However, as typical Washington it just kicked the can down the road. Now the can lays on March 1.

Both sides of the aisle say that they do not want the automatic cuts to take affect but some may feel that they are getting what they want. Republicans get the cuts that they are looking for as well as Democrats in regards to defense cuts. So maybe both sides are getting what they want. Now I truly believe that the government should make cuts to the defense budget. I also believe that there are domestic programs that need to be cut if they are not serving the greater American public.

However, when you hear Republicans say that we cannot cut defense spending but we must cut spending that help fund education. Or funds that can be used to help states increase their hiring in the law enforcement departments. Even going as far as to invest in the infrastructure of our country. Military spending in this country is outrageously high compared to other nations. The projection for 2013 in military spending will be 868.1 billion dollars. Now when we look at the projections for protection such as police, fire, etc…the government will only spend 58.1 billion dollars. How is it that we are focusing more of our protection outside of our country instead of whats going on in our nation. If we were to increase the amount of spending from military budget and increase the spending in the protection budget we can help promote more safer neighborhoods for young children. Allowing parents to feel safe that they can send their daughter or son to school because there is an abundance of police officers patrolling their streets and neighborhood.

Cuts are already being implemented in one of the most important programs to our nation, education. Already 44,000 teachers have been fired from the educational field. We can not let the number one foundation of a strong government that is an education be placed on the cutting block. All sides of Washington have to cease in kicking this can down the road and get to a package that will do what is required to promote growth and make cuts where needed. Both can be done together however, neither can be done individually.

If we go into the age of austerity we will shrink an economy that is seeing some form of improvement. Look around the world and see what is going on in nations which have instilled stronger austerity measures with out any investment into the nation. Spain has seen an unemployment of 26% the highest in their nation. Riots occasionally are breaking out of Greece and leading industrial nations such as Germany have seen a slowing down in their GDP. If we implement the same measures as overseas countries have done and we shall see a decline in this nations economy and more people applying for food stamps and unemployment.

However, I do not see any movement from Washington to overt these cuts. True leaders of our nation have longed and past. What we have now are a group of men who act like children and are not willing to come to the table and hash out their differences and working together for a nation that is in need of their guidance to lead them out of a time where critical decisions have to be made.



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