My Approval of Same Sex Marriage

Recently the U.S Supreme Court has been hearing arguments in support for California’s Prop 8 Law.  The law does not recognize the marriage between same sex couples and the Supreme Court has also heard arguments from opponents of the law.  Now this topic on Same Sex Marriage has taken the country by storm recently in the past couple of years.  

The Supreme Court’s decision may send a ripple effect across the nation if they strike down Prop 8.  However, it seems as though the justices on the bench are divided when it comes to striking down the law.  Now they are not the only ones to be divided on the issue.  Majority of Americans support same sex marriage however, it is a slim margin.  

Why is it that we are divided on this issue?  If we are a true democratic state then why are we not allowing same sex couples the same rights as heterosexual couples.  A lot of people would say that marriage is defined to be between a man and a woman.  To back that definition up people who are supporters of Prop 8 would refer to the bible and religion.  Explain to me why we are using the bible in determining law for a group of Americans.  

When I read the First Amendment it states “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion.” I see no reason why we cannot allow same sex couples receive the same benefits of a marriage heterosexual couples receive.  However, the rhetoric that is being used is that marriage is between a woman and a man.

Why can’t two people of the same sex who are in love be able to sanctify their relationship into a marriage.  I am in full support for same sex couples to have the same marital rights opposite sex couples have.  I do not believe that we should deny couples who are in love with one an other their right to get married because of their sexual orientation.

People say that same sex couples will go to hell and damage our society.  Who are we to judge someone by their sexuality.  As human beings who share the world we must accept a person for their character not for their sexual orientation.  What happens in someones personal bedroom does not affect me or you.  Same Sex couples are not calling for the end f heterosexual couples they dont mock or talk down about the sexual orientation of opposite sex couples.  All they want is to be recognized and not painted as something horrible and bad.  

We are not God nor are we judgers of peoples personal life’s. We may believe that we are but we truly are not.  Same sex couples practice the very faith that denies them of their opportunity of marriage.  They support political parties who may not be in full support of their civil rights.  They are regular people just a different lifestyle.

You do not have to agree but you cannot sit there and deny them their right to marriage.  We chant that we are a democratic state and we must show that on this issue.  As other countries besides the United States have approved same sex marriage.  In the United Kingdom Queen Elizabeth signed a charter endorsing same sex marriage.  It is time that the United States and the Supreme Court take the big step and strike down Prop 8.  Set the precedent and show that a governmental entity will take the necessary steps in providing the rights of our fellow American Citizens.   

North Koreans Actions and How It may help Iran.

As we have read and watched on the news, North Korea has dismissed the 1953 Armistice and it has resumed nuclear testing. To add to all that they have also launched a rocket into space. Now this rocket launch was a test to a long range missile lets call a spade a spade. However, with all the rhetoric that North Korea has demonstrated over the past couple of weeks we forget to look at the impact this has on possible talks with Iran.

Another country that the United States is having a somewhat difficult situation when it comes to nuclear arms. North Korea has gone much further then the North Koreans have. Now with the way that Kim Jong Un has carried himself the United States has yet to show any military force towards the communist country. This can prove to be a problem for the United Stated when we and if we go to the table with Iran in regards to their research in nuclear material. Iran can if they choose conduct nuclear test just as the North Koreans have.

If the United States will only hand down sanctions to North Korea, Iran can look at it and say if the west will only hand down sanctions then we are going to pursue further into uranium enrichment. See the game that is sometimes played is Monkey See Monkey Do. If they see that North Korea has progressed in its nuclear research program and the all big and mighty United States has yet to use military intervention why not do the same. Now I am in no way of rallying for a war in North Korea to deter Iran from pursuing a nuclear arms. What I am saying is that the United States has to be careful in what it describes as its red line for Iran.

The sanctions that the United States and it’s allies have placed on Iran have hurt its export of oil one of its main source of economic income. The sanctions have even affected the value of their currency dropping it to 60% of its value. However, what Iran may fear and does not want to make public is an actual military conflict against the United States and it will not just be the U.S taking part in this conflict. Seeing though that the U.S has done little to show any military action Iran may see it as an opportunity go full force in its nuclear research. Believing now that the United States is all talk.

The question now that arises is will Iran decide to play this type of card and test the patience of the U.S just as North Korea has done. Only time can truly tell what will happen with Iran but we have to play a close eye to what is going to happen in the upcoming weeks with Kim Jong Un and if their will be any military conflict to arise. They do not posses a Navy or Air Force equivalent to that of the United States. However, they have in a way played to be the model for Iran if they choose to pursue nuclear arms. I sense a nuclear arms race soon to take place if world leaders don’t find a way to actually use diplomacy in their talks.

The 10 Year Anniversary of the Iraq War. My Thoughts.

This month marks the tenth year anniversary of the Iraq War. A war the Bush administration failed to go through congress and formally declare war. Now in 2008 I was deployed over to the Middle Eastern country as a United States Marine. When I received my orders for deployment I will admit I was scared. I was leaving my family and friends to do what I signed up for. With news reports floating around about suicide bombers and IEDs, I honestly believed that my chances of returning became a bit slim. However, when I got there I saw our effect in the country and what we caused when searching for “WMDS.”

The invasion of Iraq all started on March 19th, 2003. Two years after the attacks on 9/11 the United States was beginning its military build up, gearing up for another conflict. After the 9/11 attacks the United States was already involved in Afghanistan as it began its hunt of Osama bin Laden. Two years later the Bush administration and its allies began to feed the public with lies about the Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein. Information began to leak out of the regime in Iraq of starting up again their nuclear arms program.

Now as I sat in my living room listening to the Commander and Chief of this nation say that Saddam possessed the equipment needed to build a nuclear weapon again I agreed then that something needed to be done. Little to my knowledge at the time U.N Chief Weapons Inspector Hans Blix took a trip to Iraq to inspect its nuclear facilities. When he returned to give his assessment he informed the U.N council that Saddams nuclear facilities were already decommissioned since the first Gulf War and showed no signs that they were heading in the direction of bringing it back online.

The media however, just kept reiterating what the president was saying. That our nation was in danger because of Saddam Hussein and the fact that he was assisting Al Qaeda in attacking the United States. The sad thing about that is that Saddam despised Osama bin Laden so any coalition between the two was more far fetched than A-Rod denying the use of performance enhancers the second time since being accused. The fact that we demanded Hussein to leave Iraq was a very foolish move. What nation has ever went on t.v and demand the step down of a leader and if he didn’t then there would be military consequences.

When we began our bombardment of Iraq we must have forgot that innocent civilians lived in the nation. As we showed our brute military force innocent men, women, and children were being killed by our weapons. Now a lot of people would say that there were islamic militants in the country of Iraq as we saw a spike in U.S casualties and injuries. For a second think outside of the box. The reason why there was such a rise in insurgency is because we caused it.

After we invaded the nation we disbanded all of Saddams forces whether it be the military to police officers, we now believed that anyone under Saddams regime was an enemy to the U.S and its allies. So we severely undercut the border security of Iraq. On top of that we were killing innocent men and women. Lets be honest with ourselves in war everyone is a casualty. So as civilians were being killed and Iraqis becoming unemployed it was only time before an insurgency would grow from all these effects.

We created the vacuum for insurgency. As Islamic militants began to funnel inside of Iraq they began to recruit people to fight the Americans. Now lets play a role game and lets say another nation for example China decides to invade the U.S. Would Americans sit by and say hey welcome to our country we welcome you the Communist nation of China to America. No we would not Americans would bound together and create our own milita because this is our homeland and we will never allow a foreign force to occupy our nation. So why would the people of Iraq do just that and bow down and allow for the invasion to go through.

Then as we occupied the country military personnel began to do acts which can be categorize as a disgrace to the uniform. One example can be from the events which took place in Abu Gharib. Where prisoners were not being treated as they should be under the Geneva Convention. That as well as the deaths of innocent civilians added fuel to the hatred of the American led invasion. While I was over there I asked an Iraqi man who was part of the Iraqi Army how he felt about the us being there. He replied in telling me that he felt bad for my parents who have to wait back at home whether or not I would come home alive. He understood the sacrifice we were making by being there but he believed that we should have never been there in the first place. Around this time that I ask him that question was the 2008 president election. So I had to ask him who he preferred to win. His response made me chuckle a bit as he said I want Obama because I know with him you guys will be sent home with another man like McCain who is no different than Bush you will be here forever as though a colony of the United States of America.

What got me infruiated was the fact that when we stop by in villages Iraqi families would run up to our humvees and ask for food and water. When we asked how their living situation was they replied in saying that it was worse than it was under Saddam where some towns were still waiting in getting their water supply fixed or even food. I saw a house which had a hole on the side of it from a bombing which took place 2005 was still not fixed. The owner of the house states that he has been waiting for compensation from the bombing. As past units who passed by we said we were not the ones to talk to about it because we have no control over the giving of money in terms of [for?] compensation.

As we bombed and destroyed we did little to rebuild that country. To this day in 2013 Iraq is in a much worst shape then what it was before we invaded. We promised in removing a dictator, promised for a democratic future, and promised a future of prosperity and yet we have a sectarian violence that has been raging on ever since 2005. While listening to WNYC an Iraqi woman went onto the station and stated that during Saddams regime she was able to hold a high level job and now she is not allowed to hold the very same job she had under Saddams reign and is now being told what she has to wear. We went into a nation based on the lies of our government and our media. It took years after the invasion for the truth to actually come out. Many men and women who served may have comeback however, they may have comeback suffering a physical injury or even one that is not seen such as the mental aspect of going off to war. Many have come home with PTSD and find it very hard to adapt back to the civilian world they once were a part of. Many families were not able to have the fortune as my family in seeing their son comeback home alive. I do not want to make it seem that those who served were mercenaries because we’re not. We don’t care about the politics once we have our boots on the ground. Our main concern is for the man to the left and right of us. we serve our nation but most importantly we serve our fellow brother and sister. Our government failed us and lied to us. Yet not one single cabinet member of the Bush administration has been tried for war crimes. Yet with the Benghazi attack the GOP wants to dig in so deep that they will damage peoples careers as they go along coming up with conspiracy theories that Obama lied about what happened. Yet we see no hearing in the miss information of what led to the invasion of Iraq. We made a mistake and a mistake which has made a nation so unstable that it can pop at anytime. My deployment taught me that not all Muslims are terrorist and that one must not judge a group or man or woman by his religious beliefs or from where he is from rather for the character of his heart. I met many Iraqis who were easy to talk to and relate to. And I hope that the mess we made can hopefully be fixed without a full scale sectarian war however, such a dream or wish is hard to be lieve will happen. But anything is possible.

For those who did not make home to their families my prayers go out to those families for you made the ultimate sacrifice. Hopefully we as a whole will learn from this dark day in our nations history and not repeat it again. For war must be a decision where we know we are going for the right reason not lies. For the lives of human being s is not something to be so easily dismissed.

Will the West Ever Arm Syria?

For the past three years President Bashar al-Assad and his government have committed war crimes on a scale not seen since Serbia.  As the rebels continue to fight off these government forces Syrians are still being murdered.  The west has provided non-lethal military aid to the Free Syrian Army.  The United States has admitted to have CIA personnel assisting the rebels by training them.  Now what puzzles me is how we have waited so long in arming the rebels.

When it came to Libya the United States and its allies were quick to pass U.N resolutions to assist the opponents of Muammar al-Gaddafi.  We provided them with air support to combat tanks and military personnel of Gaddafi’s regime.  Now over in Libya, European countries possessed oil companies in the region.  During the conflict in Libya the oil supply to the European countries halted.  In order to protect the workers on those refineries.  I can see why we needed to assist the rebel forces in Libya.

The main reason that has been used in going against arming the rebels is because we do not want the weapons to fall in the wrong arms.  However, on 9/11/12 the U.S embassy was attacked in Libya taking the lives of four Americans.  A reason why we have been placed in this dilema is because we took to long in arming the rebels.  Think about it, if you are a rebel fighting for your freedom or democracy you are going to need the weapons to take on a government who is using its military as its henchmen.  As we sat back and waited other players decided to take part in the game.  Those players are the very ones we fear are growing support in the Middle East, Islamist extremist.  

Now I believe that the United States cannot play the only role in a conflict that has waged on for three years.  I will also say that our involvement in the world has been a bit to much.  However, when you see a country and its president abusing their power and killing the very same people they govern is appalling.  Earlier in the year France sent military forces to Mail to push back islamic militants who were begin to take influence of the region.  The interest of the French to send forces into Mali is because Mali is a French colony.

So forces are either used or sent in regions where there is a common interest.  When innocent people are slaughtered I sit here in anger because no woman, child, or man should be killed because a government does not want to hear the voices of its citizens.  As leaders of individual countries the common goal should be to promote peace and come to the defense of those who cannot defend themselves.  The conflicts that some of these world powers have chosen to get involved have proved to have a negative effect in the future.  If we can learn nothing from the pass we should understand that in order for the mission to be successful we must not only provide military aid but we must also promote economic aid.

We must have the common goal of being able to see a nation rebuild its self. Nations should look at the reconstruction that took place after World War II and how we provided the ability for Europe to re-build.  We must learn to not become military occupier however facilitators of bring prosperity and peace.  

There is no way that we will ever return to a time where this nation was once a isolationist however, a limited role can be played.  And when the situation arises and our assistance is needed then we must answer the call.  Syria and it’s citizens have been asking for help for three years and as we watch a generation being slaughtered President Bashar al-Assad will continue his war crimes.  Sadly Russia and China have vetoed any resolution that could have played a bigger role in assisting the rebels.  A part of that is because Russia has arms trade agreement with the country.  So as we see interest playing a role in how we decide what to do as a world community we have failed man kind.  Because we must do what is right and that is finding away to remove Assad’s government and instill the foundation to a peaceful nation.  And when I say remove, I am in no way suggesting it in a violent way. I would prefer to see him tired under the World Court.  

The west and its allies are in not time soon going to arm the rebels.  The window for that is very very narrow.  The truth is we have seen islamist extremist gain entrance to some of these rebel groups.  So no we must tread carefully on how we provide these arms. Sadly though I do not see the rebels receiving military aid from us.  

Ryan’s Budget Feels Like Austerity. Or is it just me?

Today Congressional Republican Paul Ryan announced his latest budget proposal to the American public. Before I go any further into the blog I would like to say that I am neither a republican or a democrat. I just believe in a nation where we do not hurt our citizens in a unnecessary fashion. Ryan’s plan to me seems to have the feeling of European austerity. It also brings a vague memory of when the Republican party began its fight to repeal Obamacare. The budget plan takes aim to make steep cuts to the necessary programs that are needed to provide the safety,education, and health care coverage to the many Americans who use it to this day. Ironically the plan does nothing to make any cuts to the military budget and does little to invest in our nations infrastructure or education.

Granted the plan does cut $4.6 trillion in the span of ten years. Now here is a problem I have with the belief in attempting to balance the deficit in ten years. I do not known if Paul Ryan has ever taken a history class but did he ever learn of the Gilded Age which took place in the 19th century. At that time there was the biggest disparity in income between the social classes in America. This had the effect of taking the purchasing power away from the middle-class American and those in the lower-class as well. If the money is all concentrated to one group of people things would not move of the shelfs if there was a distribution of wealth.

The plan places cuts on Education, a program that I believe is an important tool to ones life. A place where one begins to learn of the world through literature which brought not only fictional stories but history as well. Then you have you math classes which most of us dreaded to take but understood why we needed to take it. To be able to calculate our budget and those who loved math and have become engineers or chemist. So Ryan is willing to cut education and limit the education of some Americans.

Public and Safety is another program that he plans to cut. A federal program as I mentioned in my previous blog in charge of providing the essential funds to states for law enforcement, EMS, and even the fire department. Lay offs have already been taking place in states across this nation to make up for limited funds they are receiving now. However, I found a statement in Washington Post article that talked about Paul Ryan’s budget. The statement is as follows:
“National Republican Senatorial Committee spokesman Brad Dayspring said. ‘The fact is that the Democratic budget will hurt folks across the country while helping the powerful in Washington by taking even more of the people’s money for Congress to waste.”
So public and safety is a waste? The men and women who serve their communities as first responders also play a major role to the public. Police officers provide protection to citizens and currently we have seen major lay offs to police officers in a number of states. This then provides a major threat to communities as less protection on the streets will result in a higher rate of crime. Less responders means a longer response time to an emergency situation. I ask again is it truly a waste?

I believe that we should really sit down and have an honest conversation on how we can begin the process of reducing our deficit. Planning for ten years is ridiculous because within those ten years you will have multiple elections, shifts in the house and senate, and possibly a new political party in the white house. So there will be new members and they may not like the budget plan proposed in the last Congress so now he will push for a new budget. We must look in fixing the massive income inequality we have seen in so many years. We must find a way to promote investment into the United States and at the same time find ways to make moderate cuts. Going into an austerity binge will affect us in a negative way. It is bad enough that the sequesters that went through forced many to receive furloughs or even pink slips to adjust for the cuts.

We must give the everyday consumer back its purchasing power. We have to create jobs and not lose jobs. And again the military becomes the holy grail from taking any cuts in this plan. There was a proposal by Senate Budget Committee Chairperson Patty Murray. She has basically proposed a 50-50 spilt with revenue and cuts. Her proposal is a blueprint for the compromise that is needed in Washington. Because the plan that Ryan has proposed will cause the same damage it has caused over in Europe. High unemployment, riots in the streets, and an uncertain future.

For the wealthy will receive tax cuts in the budget plan while 35 million Americans will lose the Medicare and Medicad program. The priorities in this bill are in the wrong direction. If this is the plan the GOP truly believes in then they are falling further and further to the right. Further contributing to the income inequality we face here in America and further depleting the purchasing power of the American consumer.

Cold War Feeling?

Recently something new has taken topic in the media this week. It is a topic that gives me a sense as though this has happened before. North Korea has stated that it may end the cease fire from the Korean War. Just to refresh the memories for some who may have a vague memory of the war let me remind you. The North follows a communist government while the South implements a democratic government. Both sides had their little skirmishes and all that erupted into a full out war on June 25th 1950.

The United States provided most of the military support for this operation. I call it an operation because Congress never declared war on North Korea and also because it was a joint U.N mission. As always we took the burden to carry out this operation. Now just a little side note, as the U.N coalition forces drove into North Korea a ally for the north came into its rescue. The Republic of China entered the war and provided the North the military strength needed to push back the Southern allied forces back to the 38th parallel. The war lasted for only three years and on July 27, 1953 an armistice agreement emerged.
Now that very same armistice created a cease fire and now it may end if Kim Jung Un does as he says. Now this comes at a time after North Korea conducted nuclear testing and announcing it on the 12th of February. With that the North Koreans also launched a rocket into space on December 12th, 2012. It is a bit coincidental that after the launch they go through with a nuclear test. As the rhetoric from North Korea becomes more and more aggressive one can only think that Kim Jun Un wants a conflict.

I do believe that North Korea is going ahead in building a nuclear weapon. They have tested a longe range rocket and a nuclear bomb. The question now becomes is this just a show by the new young leader of North Korea? or Is it a legit threat? In a way this seems familiar to the years the United States and the Soviet Union faced one another in a nuclear showdown. In 2013 we are now facing with North Korea coming close to arming themselves nuclear warheads. This affect will trickle down to South Korea who would also begin researching into developing a nuclear weapon.

If the North launches a nuclear misslie towards the United States it will force this nation into another war just as we begin to draw down in Afghanistan. The North does not possess a strong enough navy or air force to fight against the United States. To add to North Koreas problem, the Chinese government did side with the United States in passing tougher sanctions on the North. With a young leader at the helm one can say a reckless move may emerge. Just to show his people and the world that he is not afraid of the West.

We must now play this in the form a chess game where we must be careful with the next moves we make. You are no treading water as we see country bent to prove an agenda. We must learn from the history we created many years ago and come to a way where we can have some form of peace. The problems we face are man made and only man can fix these problems.

Democracy In Danger?

Today I read a blog by Robert L. Borosage titled “It’s Official: Too Big to Fail Banks Are Too Big to jail.”  To summarize the blog in a nutshell one only needs to read the title.  Wall Street and its bankers are too “vital” to our economy. Attorney General Eric Holder stated that we cannot afford to prosecute those responsible for the economic collapse in 2008.  Basically giving these Wall Street bankers a pass to do as they please.

Not only did our tax dollars go to bailing out these banks but our tax dollars are also paying  the federal government to turn a blind eye to the actions by the banking system.  To add to that some of these corporate CEOs and CFOs are still receiving million dollar bonuses.  While millions of Americans are either unemployed or have given up looking for work.

How has it come to this point in our nation that the government we entrust allow for the rules and regulation of the banking system be ignored.  Yes there have been fines handed to some of these banks but wants is a fine really going to do.  It isn’t going to deter them from breaking the law.  A perfect example can be with parking tickets.  Even though we know that we are not allowed to park in certain designated areas we do it any way. Because we will accept a ticket for only $48.  So a fine for these major banking institutions amounts to just that.  The banking sector of this country have posted record profits so a fine is just a dent in their pockets.

Ever since the decision was made by the Supreme Court in the famous Citizens United v.s The Free Election Commission, corporations including the banking sector can donate to political campaigns.  Their argument was the First Amendment, freedom of speech. So those who we elect into office to serve our nation are in no way executing their duty.  Even President Obama who won reelection is bought for by Wall Street.  When it was proposed that the government begin in breaking up the banks the president stated he was against such a move.

So who is Washington truly serving?  We give banks this pass to do as they please however, banks are quick to kick a family out of their house if they are late on their mortgage.  The economic collapse put those very same families ou of work.  If we allow Washington to be cuddle and paid for then what will happen to our Democracy?  Will our voices and concerns be the mission for political leaders or will they serve the interest of the very fortunate.  

As I read about Washington day by day I just see a government that is truly slipping away from its core value and that is to serve the American Public.  If they are going to ride the excuse that they are to “vital” to our economy then I lost more hope than I already lost for my country.

Oh I forgot to add that some banks such as the HSBC and others have laundered money for Iran, the Cartel, and even played games with interest rates for profit.  Did anyone working for these institutions get prosecuted.  The answer is no.  So again how far is the government willing to let them go? If banks were funding a country who we see as a threat and not even prosecute anyone who took part in the laundering is a smack to the face to the public.  


Washington Gets What It Wants.

The time has passed since President Barrack Obama signed into effect the sequester cuts that went across the board on March 1st, 2013.  As the White House attempted to pass a bi-partisan deal with both the house and senate meeting with the president the nation prepared for the automatic cuts to take place.  Everything that has transpired for the past couple of months was all a show.  Lets be honest with our selfs neither side wanted to reach across the table to pass a deal which could have averted these cuts.  Both sides get what they want and with out even looking like the loser in this famous battle which has been going on since 2011.  The republicans receive the cuts they were looking for when it came to domestic spending and the democrats received the cuts they wanted in the defense department.  Each side went to the media and cried wolf and it was all a show.

  As we Americans prepare to see how these cuts will affect our nations we have already seen massive lay offs occurring through out the nation.  Government agencies are preparing to send furloughs to their employees and educators nervously waiting for the school year to end to see whether or not they would return to work the next school year.  Washington as it has done has failed its American public.  

  Congress, the Senate, and the President have all played this game long enough and I truly believe that it is time that the people of this nation call each of their repersenatives and tell them to get to work.  How is it that these men of power are allowed to take multiple vacations within a month and fail to even produce a budget which is not going to harm the American economy.  

  Over in Europe we have seen countries which have instilled tough austerity measures and they are still feeling those effects.  Within their own government the parliament is more divided than our members of the house.  The threat of Italy leaving the Euro did spark a little worry to financial marks for a day as the DOW dropped for only 200 points.  Yet our nations leaders want to follow the same model the Europeans have used since the 2008 economic collapse.  Multiple European countries have already slipped into a double dip recession and we cannot forget countries like Greece, Spain, and Portugal are teetering on the brink of defaulting on their loans by the IMF and the European Central Bank. 

  Riots have broken out all through out Europe and yet the United Sates and its citizens sit back ideally and allow for our government to not move a finger in fixing our nations problem.  There was a time during the Tea Party and even Occupy Wall Street who went to the streets and made their concerns known through out the nation.  However, that roar has died.  As the Tea Party has taken seats in the Congress they have been the strong voices of austerity here in the United States and on the left the call for more taxes has been the slogan.  Now do I believe that the country will recover with only tax increase off course not.  But I do believe that as Americans we must share the burden of responsibility for the economic situation in this country.

  Part of the reason why we had the bubble on the housing market pop was because we as Americans took out loans we new we could no longer afford.  Also the blame lays on the banking sector which failed to verify the income of those applying for the loans.  The latest report shows that the Housing Market is actually on the rise.  Yet we still have an unemployment rate to be at an estimated 7.8%.  Just because the stock market and the housing market are begin to boom does not mean we are clear of the troubles that lay ahead.  

  Taxes have to increase across the board for every single American and not just the wealthy.  We have taken such an ugly look at those who make millions if not billions and expect them to pay our debt but thats not enough to fix our nation.  It is true we are facing a growing inequality when it comes to income for middle class Americans and those in the Upper class but we are forgetting about the Americans who are part of the poverty class and those who live below the poverty lines.  

  Now before any thinks I am rooting for a massive tax increase I do believe that cuts have to be made so we can begin to bring our national deficit down.  A big chunk of our spending does come from military spending.  As I have stated in previous blogs, the United States spends more than its ten allies combined.  How much longer will we be the police to the world?  How much longer will we continue to influence outside events?  How long will it be before America begins to protect its people before protecting the world?

 Even-though the President of the United States signed into effect the automatic cuts he has said that he would be open to maneuver around the cuts to the defense budget.  So the man who represents the party for defense cuts believes just like the Republican party that we should not touch the budget of the military.  As Eisenhower said this nation will become a militaristic nation.  Ironically Eisenhower was responsible for the massive military spending during his presidency.  

  As we sit back and observe the brillant works of Washington we can only blame ourselves for allowing this foolishness to happen.  Maybe one day the people in this nation will wake up and call for Washington to either work or get out.  We can no longer play oblivious to the game that is being played and we can no longer continue this blame game but we must look into the future and see how we can develop America as a leading power it once was.  Because to be honset we are failing as a nation in showing the world that we can push through any adversity we face as a nation.  Rather we have shown the world that the United States is no longer a leader but a dysfunctional governing body.  

My Letter to the President.

Today I wanted to go a bit off topic. After the President signed into effect the automatic sequesters that took effect on March 1st I decided to write a mock letter I wished the President would actually read.

Dear President Barrack Obama,

At a time where our nation is facing an economic problem I observed Washington playing the same game it has played for the past four years. The consistent finger pointing became old very quick. Why is it that I see more bashing on each others party rather then ways that both sides are nearing to a compromise? There was a time in this in country where young men pictured of being leaders of this country. But now what is the point of being part of the Washington leadership. Nothing is getting done in our nations capital. As you and your fellow Washington colleagues play high school politics the very Americans you have been elected to serve become the victims of these games. Cuts across the boards now effect citizens from the federal agencies to local state jobs. Education an important tool for any American has already lost 40,000 educators. Schools through out the country have already made steep cuts in their funding. Now they must make more cuts?

I understand it is a time in our nation where we must take financial responsibility of our nations debt. However, why must it be done in such an irresponsible way? John F. Kennedy stated “Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer, but the right answer. Let us not seek to fix blame for the past. Let us accept our own responsibility for the future.” Mr. President you are the leader of this nation and when I hear you bash Republican leaders for holding up country hostage. The sequester bill was a bi-partisan deal signed by both democrats and republicans. Never the less I hear republicans bashing democrats and vice-a-versa.

Both sides on the weight of these cuts not just one party. I understand that both sides have interest to their caucus but I believe a nation which is so divided cannot stand as the example for the rest of the world to mirror. Both sides have to not point fingers at one another rather reach across the aisle to come to a comprehensive bill that cuts spending in a responsible way and invest in the infrastructure of our nation.

Currently the interest rate for 10 year bonds are at their lowest they have ever been. Why are we not taking advantage of this opportunity and fund projects for infrastructure. Or use those bonds to fund military contracts that are being cut by the sequester. Sir, we as Americans can no longer sit back and see the political game continue to happen. Seek a way to lead both houses to the table and pass a bill that will promote the economic growth our nation truly deserves and a package that reduces are deficit in a responsible way.

Thank You
Juan Carlos Casillas.