My Letter to the President.

Today I wanted to go a bit off topic. After the President signed into effect the automatic sequesters that took effect on March 1st I decided to write a mock letter I wished the President would actually read.

Dear President Barrack Obama,

At a time where our nation is facing an economic problem I observed Washington playing the same game it has played for the past four years. The consistent finger pointing became old very quick. Why is it that I see more bashing on each others party rather then ways that both sides are nearing to a compromise? There was a time in this in country where young men pictured of being leaders of this country. But now what is the point of being part of the Washington leadership. Nothing is getting done in our nations capital. As you and your fellow Washington colleagues play high school politics the very Americans you have been elected to serve become the victims of these games. Cuts across the boards now effect citizens from the federal agencies to local state jobs. Education an important tool for any American has already lost 40,000 educators. Schools through out the country have already made steep cuts in their funding. Now they must make more cuts?

I understand it is a time in our nation where we must take financial responsibility of our nations debt. However, why must it be done in such an irresponsible way? John F. Kennedy stated “Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer, but the right answer. Let us not seek to fix blame for the past. Let us accept our own responsibility for the future.” Mr. President you are the leader of this nation and when I hear you bash Republican leaders for holding up country hostage. The sequester bill was a bi-partisan deal signed by both democrats and republicans. Never the less I hear republicans bashing democrats and vice-a-versa.

Both sides on the weight of these cuts not just one party. I understand that both sides have interest to their caucus but I believe a nation which is so divided cannot stand as the example for the rest of the world to mirror. Both sides have to not point fingers at one another rather reach across the aisle to come to a comprehensive bill that cuts spending in a responsible way and invest in the infrastructure of our nation.

Currently the interest rate for 10 year bonds are at their lowest they have ever been. Why are we not taking advantage of this opportunity and fund projects for infrastructure. Or use those bonds to fund military contracts that are being cut by the sequester. Sir, we as Americans can no longer sit back and see the political game continue to happen. Seek a way to lead both houses to the table and pass a bill that will promote the economic growth our nation truly deserves and a package that reduces are deficit in a responsible way.

Thank You
Juan Carlos Casillas.


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