Washington Gets What It Wants.

The time has passed since President Barrack Obama signed into effect the sequester cuts that went across the board on March 1st, 2013.  As the White House attempted to pass a bi-partisan deal with both the house and senate meeting with the president the nation prepared for the automatic cuts to take place.  Everything that has transpired for the past couple of months was all a show.  Lets be honest with our selfs neither side wanted to reach across the table to pass a deal which could have averted these cuts.  Both sides get what they want and with out even looking like the loser in this famous battle which has been going on since 2011.  The republicans receive the cuts they were looking for when it came to domestic spending and the democrats received the cuts they wanted in the defense department.  Each side went to the media and cried wolf and it was all a show.

  As we Americans prepare to see how these cuts will affect our nations we have already seen massive lay offs occurring through out the nation.  Government agencies are preparing to send furloughs to their employees and educators nervously waiting for the school year to end to see whether or not they would return to work the next school year.  Washington as it has done has failed its American public.  

  Congress, the Senate, and the President have all played this game long enough and I truly believe that it is time that the people of this nation call each of their repersenatives and tell them to get to work.  How is it that these men of power are allowed to take multiple vacations within a month and fail to even produce a budget which is not going to harm the American economy.  

  Over in Europe we have seen countries which have instilled tough austerity measures and they are still feeling those effects.  Within their own government the parliament is more divided than our members of the house.  The threat of Italy leaving the Euro did spark a little worry to financial marks for a day as the DOW dropped for only 200 points.  Yet our nations leaders want to follow the same model the Europeans have used since the 2008 economic collapse.  Multiple European countries have already slipped into a double dip recession and we cannot forget countries like Greece, Spain, and Portugal are teetering on the brink of defaulting on their loans by the IMF and the European Central Bank. 

  Riots have broken out all through out Europe and yet the United Sates and its citizens sit back ideally and allow for our government to not move a finger in fixing our nations problem.  There was a time during the Tea Party and even Occupy Wall Street who went to the streets and made their concerns known through out the nation.  However, that roar has died.  As the Tea Party has taken seats in the Congress they have been the strong voices of austerity here in the United States and on the left the call for more taxes has been the slogan.  Now do I believe that the country will recover with only tax increase off course not.  But I do believe that as Americans we must share the burden of responsibility for the economic situation in this country.

  Part of the reason why we had the bubble on the housing market pop was because we as Americans took out loans we new we could no longer afford.  Also the blame lays on the banking sector which failed to verify the income of those applying for the loans.  The latest report shows that the Housing Market is actually on the rise.  Yet we still have an unemployment rate to be at an estimated 7.8%.  Just because the stock market and the housing market are begin to boom does not mean we are clear of the troubles that lay ahead.  

  Taxes have to increase across the board for every single American and not just the wealthy.  We have taken such an ugly look at those who make millions if not billions and expect them to pay our debt but thats not enough to fix our nation.  It is true we are facing a growing inequality when it comes to income for middle class Americans and those in the Upper class but we are forgetting about the Americans who are part of the poverty class and those who live below the poverty lines.  

  Now before any thinks I am rooting for a massive tax increase I do believe that cuts have to be made so we can begin to bring our national deficit down.  A big chunk of our spending does come from military spending.  As I have stated in previous blogs, the United States spends more than its ten allies combined.  How much longer will we be the police to the world?  How much longer will we continue to influence outside events?  How long will it be before America begins to protect its people before protecting the world?

 Even-though the President of the United States signed into effect the automatic cuts he has said that he would be open to maneuver around the cuts to the defense budget.  So the man who represents the party for defense cuts believes just like the Republican party that we should not touch the budget of the military.  As Eisenhower said this nation will become a militaristic nation.  Ironically Eisenhower was responsible for the massive military spending during his presidency.  

  As we sit back and observe the brillant works of Washington we can only blame ourselves for allowing this foolishness to happen.  Maybe one day the people in this nation will wake up and call for Washington to either work or get out.  We can no longer play oblivious to the game that is being played and we can no longer continue this blame game but we must look into the future and see how we can develop America as a leading power it once was.  Because to be honset we are failing as a nation in showing the world that we can push through any adversity we face as a nation.  Rather we have shown the world that the United States is no longer a leader but a dysfunctional governing body.  


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