Cold War Feeling?

Recently something new has taken topic in the media this week. It is a topic that gives me a sense as though this has happened before. North Korea has stated that it may end the cease fire from the Korean War. Just to refresh the memories for some who may have a vague memory of the war let me remind you. The North follows a communist government while the South implements a democratic government. Both sides had their little skirmishes and all that erupted into a full out war on June 25th 1950.

The United States provided most of the military support for this operation. I call it an operation because Congress never declared war on North Korea and also because it was a joint U.N mission. As always we took the burden to carry out this operation. Now just a little side note, as the U.N coalition forces drove into North Korea a ally for the north came into its rescue. The Republic of China entered the war and provided the North the military strength needed to push back the Southern allied forces back to the 38th parallel. The war lasted for only three years and on July 27, 1953 an armistice agreement emerged.
Now that very same armistice created a cease fire and now it may end if Kim Jung Un does as he says. Now this comes at a time after North Korea conducted nuclear testing and announcing it on the 12th of February. With that the North Koreans also launched a rocket into space on December 12th, 2012. It is a bit coincidental that after the launch they go through with a nuclear test. As the rhetoric from North Korea becomes more and more aggressive one can only think that Kim Jun Un wants a conflict.

I do believe that North Korea is going ahead in building a nuclear weapon. They have tested a longe range rocket and a nuclear bomb. The question now becomes is this just a show by the new young leader of North Korea? or Is it a legit threat? In a way this seems familiar to the years the United States and the Soviet Union faced one another in a nuclear showdown. In 2013 we are now facing with North Korea coming close to arming themselves nuclear warheads. This affect will trickle down to South Korea who would also begin researching into developing a nuclear weapon.

If the North launches a nuclear misslie towards the United States it will force this nation into another war just as we begin to draw down in Afghanistan. The North does not possess a strong enough navy or air force to fight against the United States. To add to North Koreas problem, the Chinese government did side with the United States in passing tougher sanctions on the North. With a young leader at the helm one can say a reckless move may emerge. Just to show his people and the world that he is not afraid of the West.

We must now play this in the form a chess game where we must be careful with the next moves we make. You are no treading water as we see country bent to prove an agenda. We must learn from the history we created many years ago and come to a way where we can have some form of peace. The problems we face are man made and only man can fix these problems.



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