Ryan’s Budget Feels Like Austerity. Or is it just me?

Today Congressional Republican Paul Ryan announced his latest budget proposal to the American public. Before I go any further into the blog I would like to say that I am neither a republican or a democrat. I just believe in a nation where we do not hurt our citizens in a unnecessary fashion. Ryan’s plan to me seems to have the feeling of European austerity. It also brings a vague memory of when the Republican party began its fight to repeal Obamacare. The budget plan takes aim to make steep cuts to the necessary programs that are needed to provide the safety,education, and health care coverage to the many Americans who use it to this day. Ironically the plan does nothing to make any cuts to the military budget and does little to invest in our nations infrastructure or education.

Granted the plan does cut $4.6 trillion in the span of ten years. Now here is a problem I have with the belief in attempting to balance the deficit in ten years. I do not known if Paul Ryan has ever taken a history class but did he ever learn of the Gilded Age which took place in the 19th century. At that time there was the biggest disparity in income between the social classes in America. This had the effect of taking the purchasing power away from the middle-class American and those in the lower-class as well. If the money is all concentrated to one group of people things would not move of the shelfs if there was a distribution of wealth.

The plan places cuts on Education, a program that I believe is an important tool to ones life. A place where one begins to learn of the world through literature which brought not only fictional stories but history as well. Then you have you math classes which most of us dreaded to take but understood why we needed to take it. To be able to calculate our budget and those who loved math and have become engineers or chemist. So Ryan is willing to cut education and limit the education of some Americans.

Public and Safety is another program that he plans to cut. A federal program as I mentioned in my previous blog in charge of providing the essential funds to states for law enforcement, EMS, and even the fire department. Lay offs have already been taking place in states across this nation to make up for limited funds they are receiving now. However, I found a statement in Washington Post article that talked about Paul Ryan’s budget. The statement is as follows:
“National Republican Senatorial Committee spokesman Brad Dayspring said. ‘The fact is that the Democratic budget will hurt folks across the country while helping the powerful in Washington by taking even more of the people’s money for Congress to waste.”
So public and safety is a waste? The men and women who serve their communities as first responders also play a major role to the public. Police officers provide protection to citizens and currently we have seen major lay offs to police officers in a number of states. This then provides a major threat to communities as less protection on the streets will result in a higher rate of crime. Less responders means a longer response time to an emergency situation. I ask again is it truly a waste?

I believe that we should really sit down and have an honest conversation on how we can begin the process of reducing our deficit. Planning for ten years is ridiculous because within those ten years you will have multiple elections, shifts in the house and senate, and possibly a new political party in the white house. So there will be new members and they may not like the budget plan proposed in the last Congress so now he will push for a new budget. We must look in fixing the massive income inequality we have seen in so many years. We must find a way to promote investment into the United States and at the same time find ways to make moderate cuts. Going into an austerity binge will affect us in a negative way. It is bad enough that the sequesters that went through forced many to receive furloughs or even pink slips to adjust for the cuts.

We must give the everyday consumer back its purchasing power. We have to create jobs and not lose jobs. And again the military becomes the holy grail from taking any cuts in this plan. There was a proposal by Senate Budget Committee Chairperson Patty Murray. She has basically proposed a 50-50 spilt with revenue and cuts. Her proposal is a blueprint for the compromise that is needed in Washington. Because the plan that Ryan has proposed will cause the same damage it has caused over in Europe. High unemployment, riots in the streets, and an uncertain future.

For the wealthy will receive tax cuts in the budget plan while 35 million Americans will lose the Medicare and Medicad program. The priorities in this bill are in the wrong direction. If this is the plan the GOP truly believes in then they are falling further and further to the right. Further contributing to the income inequality we face here in America and further depleting the purchasing power of the American consumer.







  1. I like hearing that even a veteran doesn’t agree with increasing military spending while cutting Medicare, Medicaid and food stamps. Ryan’s Budget is completely backwards, cut from the poorest segments to give breaks to the wealthiest. The GOP still seems to think that everybody believes trickle down economics will benefit the poor. Also once again Ryan is proposing revenue neutral tax cuts without showing exactly where and how those cuts will be made.

    • I truly believe that we spend so much on a military budget where we ignore the most important things needed to strengthen our nation. We spend more on military budget than Korea a country who’s rhetoric is becoming more threatening. If we cut $300 billion from our military budget then we bring down the expense to $600 billion still a significant number. the money we cut from the military can then be allocated to public and safety and education it can contribute to purchasing treasury bonds to be used in the infrastructure of our nation. Instead we are becoming nation where the goal is to just make more for those already making record profits in income.

      • I agree, we really do need to invest more into the country itself. Education, infrastructure, public safety and science is our future. If we don’t invest now we will pay later.

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