Will the West Ever Arm Syria?

For the past three years President Bashar al-Assad and his government have committed war crimes on a scale not seen since Serbia.  As the rebels continue to fight off these government forces Syrians are still being murdered.  The west has provided non-lethal military aid to the Free Syrian Army.  The United States has admitted to have CIA personnel assisting the rebels by training them.  Now what puzzles me is how we have waited so long in arming the rebels.

When it came to Libya the United States and its allies were quick to pass U.N resolutions to assist the opponents of Muammar al-Gaddafi.  We provided them with air support to combat tanks and military personnel of Gaddafi’s regime.  Now over in Libya, European countries possessed oil companies in the region.  During the conflict in Libya the oil supply to the European countries halted.  In order to protect the workers on those refineries.  I can see why we needed to assist the rebel forces in Libya.

The main reason that has been used in going against arming the rebels is because we do not want the weapons to fall in the wrong arms.  However, on 9/11/12 the U.S embassy was attacked in Libya taking the lives of four Americans.  A reason why we have been placed in this dilema is because we took to long in arming the rebels.  Think about it, if you are a rebel fighting for your freedom or democracy you are going to need the weapons to take on a government who is using its military as its henchmen.  As we sat back and waited other players decided to take part in the game.  Those players are the very ones we fear are growing support in the Middle East, Islamist extremist.  

Now I believe that the United States cannot play the only role in a conflict that has waged on for three years.  I will also say that our involvement in the world has been a bit to much.  However, when you see a country and its president abusing their power and killing the very same people they govern is appalling.  Earlier in the year France sent military forces to Mail to push back islamic militants who were begin to take influence of the region.  The interest of the French to send forces into Mali is because Mali is a French colony.

So forces are either used or sent in regions where there is a common interest.  When innocent people are slaughtered I sit here in anger because no woman, child, or man should be killed because a government does not want to hear the voices of its citizens.  As leaders of individual countries the common goal should be to promote peace and come to the defense of those who cannot defend themselves.  The conflicts that some of these world powers have chosen to get involved have proved to have a negative effect in the future.  If we can learn nothing from the pass we should understand that in order for the mission to be successful we must not only provide military aid but we must also promote economic aid.

We must have the common goal of being able to see a nation rebuild its self. Nations should look at the reconstruction that took place after World War II and how we provided the ability for Europe to re-build.  We must learn to not become military occupier however facilitators of bring prosperity and peace.  

There is no way that we will ever return to a time where this nation was once a isolationist however, a limited role can be played.  And when the situation arises and our assistance is needed then we must answer the call.  Syria and it’s citizens have been asking for help for three years and as we watch a generation being slaughtered President Bashar al-Assad will continue his war crimes.  Sadly Russia and China have vetoed any resolution that could have played a bigger role in assisting the rebels.  A part of that is because Russia has arms trade agreement with the country.  So as we see interest playing a role in how we decide what to do as a world community we have failed man kind.  Because we must do what is right and that is finding away to remove Assad’s government and instill the foundation to a peaceful nation.  And when I say remove, I am in no way suggesting it in a violent way. I would prefer to see him tired under the World Court.  

The west and its allies are in not time soon going to arm the rebels.  The window for that is very very narrow.  The truth is we have seen islamist extremist gain entrance to some of these rebel groups.  So no we must tread carefully on how we provide these arms. Sadly though I do not see the rebels receiving military aid from us.  


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