North Koreans Actions and How It may help Iran.

As we have read and watched on the news, North Korea has dismissed the 1953 Armistice and it has resumed nuclear testing. To add to all that they have also launched a rocket into space. Now this rocket launch was a test to a long range missile lets call a spade a spade. However, with all the rhetoric that North Korea has demonstrated over the past couple of weeks we forget to look at the impact this has on possible talks with Iran.

Another country that the United States is having a somewhat difficult situation when it comes to nuclear arms. North Korea has gone much further then the North Koreans have. Now with the way that Kim Jong Un has carried himself the United States has yet to show any military force towards the communist country. This can prove to be a problem for the United Stated when we and if we go to the table with Iran in regards to their research in nuclear material. Iran can if they choose conduct nuclear test just as the North Koreans have.

If the United States will only hand down sanctions to North Korea, Iran can look at it and say if the west will only hand down sanctions then we are going to pursue further into uranium enrichment. See the game that is sometimes played is Monkey See Monkey Do. If they see that North Korea has progressed in its nuclear research program and the all big and mighty United States has yet to use military intervention why not do the same. Now I am in no way of rallying for a war in North Korea to deter Iran from pursuing a nuclear arms. What I am saying is that the United States has to be careful in what it describes as its red line for Iran.

The sanctions that the United States and it’s allies have placed on Iran have hurt its export of oil one of its main source of economic income. The sanctions have even affected the value of their currency dropping it to 60% of its value. However, what Iran may fear and does not want to make public is an actual military conflict against the United States and it will not just be the U.S taking part in this conflict. Seeing though that the U.S has done little to show any military action Iran may see it as an opportunity go full force in its nuclear research. Believing now that the United States is all talk.

The question now that arises is will Iran decide to play this type of card and test the patience of the U.S just as North Korea has done. Only time can truly tell what will happen with Iran but we have to play a close eye to what is going to happen in the upcoming weeks with Kim Jong Un and if their will be any military conflict to arise. They do not posses a Navy or Air Force equivalent to that of the United States. However, they have in a way played to be the model for Iran if they choose to pursue nuclear arms. I sense a nuclear arms race soon to take place if world leaders don’t find a way to actually use diplomacy in their talks.


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