My Approval of Same Sex Marriage

Recently the U.S Supreme Court has been hearing arguments in support for California’s Prop 8 Law.  The law does not recognize the marriage between same sex couples and the Supreme Court has also heard arguments from opponents of the law.  Now this topic on Same Sex Marriage has taken the country by storm recently in the past couple of years.  

The Supreme Court’s decision may send a ripple effect across the nation if they strike down Prop 8.  However, it seems as though the justices on the bench are divided when it comes to striking down the law.  Now they are not the only ones to be divided on the issue.  Majority of Americans support same sex marriage however, it is a slim margin.  

Why is it that we are divided on this issue?  If we are a true democratic state then why are we not allowing same sex couples the same rights as heterosexual couples.  A lot of people would say that marriage is defined to be between a man and a woman.  To back that definition up people who are supporters of Prop 8 would refer to the bible and religion.  Explain to me why we are using the bible in determining law for a group of Americans.  

When I read the First Amendment it states “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion.” I see no reason why we cannot allow same sex couples receive the same benefits of a marriage heterosexual couples receive.  However, the rhetoric that is being used is that marriage is between a woman and a man.

Why can’t two people of the same sex who are in love be able to sanctify their relationship into a marriage.  I am in full support for same sex couples to have the same marital rights opposite sex couples have.  I do not believe that we should deny couples who are in love with one an other their right to get married because of their sexual orientation.

People say that same sex couples will go to hell and damage our society.  Who are we to judge someone by their sexuality.  As human beings who share the world we must accept a person for their character not for their sexual orientation.  What happens in someones personal bedroom does not affect me or you.  Same Sex couples are not calling for the end f heterosexual couples they dont mock or talk down about the sexual orientation of opposite sex couples.  All they want is to be recognized and not painted as something horrible and bad.  

We are not God nor are we judgers of peoples personal life’s. We may believe that we are but we truly are not.  Same sex couples practice the very faith that denies them of their opportunity of marriage.  They support political parties who may not be in full support of their civil rights.  They are regular people just a different lifestyle.

You do not have to agree but you cannot sit there and deny them their right to marriage.  We chant that we are a democratic state and we must show that on this issue.  As other countries besides the United States have approved same sex marriage.  In the United Kingdom Queen Elizabeth signed a charter endorsing same sex marriage.  It is time that the United States and the Supreme Court take the big step and strike down Prop 8.  Set the precedent and show that a governmental entity will take the necessary steps in providing the rights of our fellow American Citizens.   

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