Same Tune Different Musical Beat (North Korea)

Apparently the North Korean government is continuing its rhetoric against the United States and South Korea.  Now to be honest it is getting old pretty quick that the North continues with it’s rhetoric and yet they have not made any military move to support their words.  Now I am in no way advocating for military actions between both nations however, it does make one think what is the purpose for their continuance in threatening the United States and South Korea.

I truly believe that the reason why the North Koreans are becoming so loud about what they plan for the United States is because its new leader Kim Jong Ung has to establish his place as president for the communist nation.  The new leader of Korea is young in age with a military council composed of officers who followed Ung’s father Kim Jong Il.  If the young leader shows signs of weakness then maybe there would be a coupe within the Norths government that can prove to more threatening than what we are dealing with now.

The United States has demonstrated its military power with its flying of the stealth bomber (B-2) from Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri.  The United States has also sent warships to the Korean peninsula and have worked in operating their radar stations in the area. Obviously the United states wants the North to know that if they commit into a preemptive military strike on the South or any military bases occupied by U.S forces would certainly result in a military response from both the South and the United States. Showing that they can even attack the North from a town such as Missouri.  

Now the North has stated that they will reactivate a nuclear reactor originally shut down five years ago.  So are they preparing to build a nuclear arsenal? As Washington has stated we are not going to tolerate a nuclear state.  However, has our government forgot that the North has already tested nuclear weaponry and to add not to long ago.  We are being placed in the modern day Cold War.  We are now pinned between Iran and North Korea.  Both nations who we in no way want to possess nuclear arms have placed us in a corner.  

Iran and North Korea have now become a thorn in the side of the president and his allies.  Because as the North becomes more and more louder with its threats Iran can see how the United States has yet to use military action to deter the North.  So what stops Iran from strongly pursuing their nuclear ambition?  Israel and the United States can say time in and time out that they are not for containment of a nuclear Iran, they are for denying Iran from being able to produce a nuclear weapon.  If that is true then how will both nations make that dream come into a reality.  Lets say that the United States attacks Iran in an attempt to prevent it from being a nuclear state, what does that mean for North Korea?  Will we conduct a preemptive strike if both nations become armed with nuclear weapons?

As all sides continue to throw around their rhetoric with words, videos, or military maneuvering we are avoiding one thing.  An attempt to bring the parties to the table to attempt to see how everything can be somewhat diffused.  However, that is to perfect of a world to live in.  Maybe if we lift sanctions from both nations it can begin the talks to resolving this  issue that has developed.  As we pass sanctions that hurt the economic development  of a nation and with these same sanctions help devalue the countries currency we hand over the propaganda needed to government to portray the United States as the evil country.  However, can we establish talks of peace by lifting these sanctions or will it bite us in the rear end.  Dealing with governments and their leaders so bent on voicing their agression towards the west has made talks difficult.  The chess game has begun and we are carefully moving around our pieces as the other side tries to break our concentration with its rhetoric.  As we monitor the situation in the North we can only wait and see.  Military action from North Korea I believe is highly unlikely because the U.S will repsond and once we repsond we will not stop until the communist regime is gone from the North.  Possibly the North has something up it’s sleeve that we may not know about, maybe another player in the game is aiding the Kim Jong Un. First Korean war China stepped in and helped in a big way will they do it again? Lets hopefully be optimistic and maybe governments will come to the table. 






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