Grade On Supreme Court Ruling (Opinion)

This week the Supreme Court has made a strong buzz in the media with some landmark decisions. In two different days the Supreme Court ruled on a number of cases however four cases stood out this week. The Supreme Court ruled on Fisher v. University Of Texas At Austin, The Voting Rights Act of 1965, California’s Proposition 8, and on the Defense of Marriage Act or (DOMA). After reading about their rulings on these four cases I have to give the Supreme Court an overall grade of a B. However, their first two cases involving affirmative action and the Voting Rights Act showed poor leadership from the justices. What helped them in receiving a B was the striking down of DOMA and California’s Proposition 8.

First off, when the court ruled that they would not rule on the affirmative action case and pass it back down to the 5th District Court I was taken back. The highest court of the land would have been able to keep the precedent when it comes to a law that has given minorities the ability to attend Universities that would have been unattainable in the first place with out the law. Opponents of affirmative action say that the law it self violates the equal protection law of the constitution. This argument from a technical aspect is legitimate because by selecting students to attend their university based on their race is a violation of ones equal rights. However, people tend to forget the history that America created for itself in the past years.

Race has also been the judge to deny people their ability to attain work and even an education. Now universities such as the one in Texas maintain a strong selection process when considering race and it only accounts for a small percentage of admission. The reason why schools use affirmative action is because it brings a diverse atmosphere to the classroom and to the campus. Giving students the ability to break the stereotypes that they are exposed to. Instead of assuming that Hispanic males are gang bangers or drug lords they can see that the Hispanic student in their class is pursuing the same goal. However, even though the courts punted the case one of justice used strong language that may have opened the door for opponents of affirmative to continue their battle.

Justice Kennedy wrote in his notes the following “The University must prove that the means chosen by the University to attain diversity are narrowly tailored to that goal. On this point, the University receives no deference, strict scrutiny must not be strict in theory but feeble in fact.” Universities already run a tight rope program when using race. However, the language by Kennedy can only open the door for advocates against the usage of race by saying that students who have lower grades compared to their white classmate is a violation of the equal rights because they are not being selected for grades but just race and that the minority student should have either equal grades or better than their white counter part.

The second decision that was a disappointment was the courts decision of the Voting Rights Act of 1965. The act designed to protect citizens located mostly from southern states from passage of laws that would hamper voting for minority voters. The court has stated that section 4 was unconstitutional. The section stated that before any state makes changes to their voting laws that they had to go to the Justice Department or a federal court in Washington. The courts believe that we as a nation have grown from the times where voters’ rights were being violated. I guess they missed the countless times that states in the run up to the 2012 election attempted to pass laws that would require ids to be presented and the denial of early voting in some states. Most of those attempted laws were in southern states that were required to follow the act.

However, the Supreme Court stated that the Congress is allowed to pass legislation with a new coverage formula in regards to protecting the rights of voters. The idea of congress being in charge of voters’ rights is like placing the burden of the economy oh wait they are and look how that’s going for us.

The next two decisions by the Supreme Court affected millions of same sex couples in America. The Supreme Court in a 5-4 decision stated that it is unconstitutional for the federal government to regulate the marriages of Americans. This view made DOMA illegal based the equal protection clause of the constitution in the 4th Amendment. By denying same sex couples to marry based on their sexuality the federal government is using discriminatory practices on its own citizens. The following case that the court struck down involved California’s Proposition 8. The court was reversed in this decision, as the majority who voted to strike down DOMA was the minority in the Prop 8 case. The court ruled, “The court effectively struck down Prop. 8, vacating a ruling by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals that the proponents of the bill did not have the right to defend its constitutionality if state officials refused to do so.” After the two major rulings same sex couples were now allowed to marry and receive the same federal benefits that heterosexual couples receive.

With the week ending in the major decisions that the courts made one can only say that race is now heading to the back burner as the court failed to rule on two cases that dealt with race. They scaled back on the voting rights act and placed it in the hands of a Congress. A legislative body that cannot pass a budget that consistently goes and back and forth, one member who have stated ignorant statements that makes one think how they won their seat in congress. I applaud the court for recognizing that the federal government has no right to regulate marriage. For years the government has been using discrimination on a group of people because of their sexuality. No one should be looked down upon based on their sexual orientation just as how African Americans were not allowed to Caucasian partners. This will not change the structure of family and nor will it affect society. Same sex couples have been around for years and have been oppressed by a government that states that it is democratic. However, we must place a close eye on states that have pushed for change in voter laws. After the courts ruling on the Voting Rights Act, Texas has brought up legislation that will require voters to have ids when voting. It will be a matter of time as states begin to find ways to create laws that would hamper the laws of its citizens. We witnessed it in the 2012 election with countless states attempting to infringe on the rights of American citizens and allowing them to vote. I can be wrong but history is our lesson in the mistakes that we make and yet we continue to make them. However, with a major shift in the support of gay rights I can only be truthful in giving the Supreme Court a B for their decision to strike down DOMA and Prop 8.


Spying Replacing True Diplomacy

  Today breaking news came out about Snowden being flown from Hong Kong to Russia and now possibly to Ecuador.  The recent movements that have taken place in the past 48hrs of Snowden have the United States running around trying to get an extradition of the NSA contractor. Some have labeled Snowden as a traitor and should be prosecuted under the Espionage Act of 1917 and if convicted he can face death.  Giving Snowden a reason to try and evade extradition back to the United State and is now in Russia. The location of where Snowden is being harbored has only complicated the relations between the Russian and American governments.

Before I get into this any further I want to bring up something I heard today while watching the news.  During an interview a reporter asked why is it so difficult for the United Sattes to capture the NSA contractor. He went further to say that why cant the United States us Navy Seal team six like they did with bin Laden.  To place Snowden in a category comparable to bin Laden is a bit extreme for me.  This man is not in charge of a terrorist network and he is not planning attacks to harm or kill innocent people. I’ve stated before that I do believe what Snowden did was the right thing.  Yet majority of Washington has labeled Snowden as a traitor.


Since the leak by Snowden I have yet to see any affects from what he exposed.  The reason why the American government is upset that he leaked out the PRISM program run by the NSA is because he caught them with their pants down. The government is treating this man as if though he gave out a list of CIA assets and their location through out the world.  He also exposed how the British government spied on Turkey during a G8 summit. Tapping into computers and phones that were used by the Turkish diplomats in a cafe during their stay at the G8 summit. Coincidence that our closest ally conducts the same program that the United States conducts and was exposed. See why their is such a rush to try and extradite Snowden back to the states.


Now by having Snowden in Moscow the United States can not get any more livid then they already are.  Russia has been a strong ally to President Bashar al-Assad and has struck down any U.N Sanction that may have looked similar to the ones used in Libya. Relations with Russia and the United States can only be described as murkier then the Cold War times. Countless times the United States has singled out Russia for human right violations and now with the expose by Snowden the United States now looks like a big hypocrite. Having Snowden in Russia only pushes any chance for diplomatic talks further away and strains those who want a peaceful end to the Syrian conflict. Another factor to observe is how Hon Kong allowed Snowden to fly to Russia. What does this say about relations with China?

Snowden not only exposed the United States for their domestic spying program but also exposed the United States and their cyber attacks on the Chinese government. Now reports of a Chinese military unit that has hacked into American servers have been exposed to the American public so it can only be said that we have the right to hack back. However, how can we continue diplomacy if continue the “I Spy Game” and not work towards actual talks of diplomacy. I can believe the one factor that makes this game replace true diplomacy and that has to deal with nuclear weapons. We are afraid of the strained relationships we have created that it is necessary to spy on one another. Which is why the United States justifies, their reason to spy on their own Americans.

 Fear has motivated this spying game we are seeing exposed today. As a country we have veered off the path of the true meaning of leading the world. We have shown blatant disregard for the sovereignty of other nations in the regards to the countless drone attacks that are conducted. These attacks have resulted in the deaths of innocent civilians damaging the image that we barely have in the world. With the ilegal invasion of Iraq and the 12 year war in Afghanistan we have soured our look. This leak exposes how the United States refuses to attempt to change its look as a government who can choose to do as it pleases but when it is exposed they will get angry and make every attempt possible to detain the “traitor.” However, he landed in the hands of country where relations are strained and does not seem to get any better. Spying has replaced the form of diplomacy that real leaders use and created a mistrust in government within the country where so many scandals have surfaced.  

Protest Happening Around the World Does It Mean Anything

Recently the world has seen a massive wave of protest taking place around the world. From the Middle East to Europe young men and women have taken to the streets to call attention to the practices of their government. Practices that have left nations with a high unemployment rate and a widening gap between the rich and the poor. Now we are seeing a growing number of Brazilians taking to the streets and letting their government know that they are not satisfied with the way the country is being run.

Now each protest have a different voice some ranging from religious freedom to the demand of more public investment from the government. In Brazil people are protesting that their government are using their tax dollars in the wrong way. Currently the government of Brazil is funding projects preparing them for the Confederation Cup as well as two major world sporting events, the World Cup and the Olympics. Many citizens feel that the money should be spent on education reform and infrastructure projects. One point however, that can be made for the projects the government can make to support their cause is that those stadiums will create revenue from tourist around the world as well as those in the country. Those revenues will need the help of workers to help run those stadiums as well as local restaurants and shops.

One factor that is being left out of the equation is what happens after those stadiums are used for the games? Does this mean that those who were hired to work their have to look for other work since there will be no games being played there. So citizens of Brazil have went to to the street to voice then concern. The one disappointing factor is how some have taken peaceful protest and brought in violence.

Now police have responded to the protest similar to how other government forces have responded to majority of protest. The use of tear gas and rubber bullets. When the United States had their own protest in California on campuses and in the streets police officers resulted to tear gas and rubber bullets. Injuring people who wanted their voices to be heard by their government. Students were even peppered sprayed while peacefully sitting down and protesting about the rise of tuition cost.

Over in Europe different countries have seen their fair share of protesters. After the 2008 market collapse Europe was significantly affected. Creating high unemployment and strenuous times for their citizens. Banks were bailed out by tax layer dollars and the go we me t has yet made moves to help spur economic growth. More austerity has been the belief for fixing the economic slump the Euro is in. Governments have failed to pass referendums to help better the country instead they pass austerity cuts to just receive bail out packages from Germany and the European Central Bank. Yet the people of the European block still are struggling to pay for their mortgages and find a job to get some source of income.

Over in the Middle East countries such as Syria, Egypt, and Turkey are facing the same issue of protest. Protesters their are calling for a democratic government, one who can focus on economic improvement and a secular one as well. President Moursi has yet made any declaration of an economic plan to better his country. Instead he declared that he would hold a bigger portion of government in his hand. Attempting to force a new constitution which favored more of the Muslim Brotherhood than the minorities of the country.

The world is seeing a wave of change in some parts of the world but it also demonstrates how greed has run its course and people are being fed up with how governments are lacking in their role to promote better economic status. The Fed recently said that they see better economic growth saying that they project to see the unemployment rate to drop to 6.5%. Basically saying that any chance of seeing the economic rate drop to 3%-4% in the near future. However, the Fed fails to say how the true unemployment is standing at 13%. The gap between the rich and the poor continue to expand, schools are shutting down and the countries infrastructure is just breaking down.

College graduates are graduating and they are finding it very difficult to find a job. Student debt is estimated to be one trillion dollars. However, our country can set rates for banks at a whopping .75% yet charge a student an interests rate of 6.5% to 7%. Ironically the United States government has done littler to alleviate the problem expect point to finger at one another.

Protest have occurred in the United States however, quickly smothered by the government and the help of politicians who downplayed these protest and labeled those same people as Americans who don’t want to look for work. Maybe corporate CEOs and government officials can look at what is going on and see that hoarding the wealth can only cause people to take to the streets and it is the responsibility of the government to take the necessary steps to help its citizens. However, with the priority of conflict on the agenda countries will continue to cater to the wealthy and tell those less fortunate to sink or swim.

Conformity and How Governments Take Advantage

Recently in the past week a contractor who once worked for the NSA exposed the agencies practices of collecting information on American citizens. Ranging from telephone numbers and calls to our personal e-mails. Edward Snowden the man who blasted the United States government and their surveillance practices has opened the floor to the debate on the power of the federal government. Politicians from both sides of the aisle have describe this patriot as a traitor to our nation. I disagree with that assertion because I do believe that at any time our government begins to overreach it must be brought on notice to the American public who pay taxes of their doing.

Snowden who exposed the government of their surveillance practices is now staying out of law enforcements radar. Who can blame him? Congressman John Boehner has called Snowden a traitor but he’s not the only one to call him that. Dick Cheney as well called the NSA contractor as a traitor and needs to be prosecuted to fullest extent of the law. Being tried under the Espionage Act of 1917 may lead to a life sentence or even death for Snowden.

What Snowden did I consider to be the right thing. In no way do I believe that he put out assets or soldiers in harms way. The reason why I say that is because terrorist organizations already know the tactics we use when we hunt them down. So this isn’t anything new to them. Terrorist groups have adapt to the methods used by the United States.

On that note our government stated that they have grounds on conducting these surveillances in order to thwart potential terrorist attacks. If that’s the case then why were the Tsarnaev brothers able to execute their attack. Especially since the Russian government informed the FBI of the older brothers visit to a Muslim dominated part of the country.

After 9/11 the government told us that the Patriot Act will protect us and prevent another attack such as the one that we faced on that horrific day from happening again. We stood back and said do as you please big brother you know what’s best for us. And now we have our e-mails and phone calls being collected by the masses. The government says that they are not looking through those files that they collect that part I find very hard to believe. After the multiple scandals that have taken hold of Obamas second term I am very skeptical that those files are not being sifted through.

In a USA today article titled “3 NSA veterans speak out on whistle-blower: We told you so” a former NSA worker stated the following on congressional oversight “Binney: But the way it’s set up now, it’s a joke. I mean, it can’t work the way it is because they have no real way of seeing into what these agencies are doing. They are totally dependent on the agencies briefing them on programs, telling them what they are doing. And as long as the agencies tell them, they will know. If they don’t tell them, they don’t know. And that’s what’s been going on here.” So if we are to be dependent on what these agencies tell Congress then how can we be sure they are telling us the truth?

The part which is very disappointing is how majority of Americans believe that Snowden should be tried as a spy for his leaking of the information on the governments collection of our e-mails and phone calls. Has America become so conformed that we are willing to wave good bye to our freedoms? Another issue I have which relates to take NSA’s collection of information is the FBI usage of drones on US citizens.

Yes you heard right drones have been used to surveillance Americans on American soil. So not only so we have a government checking in to who and when we talk to people and even what we send in our e-mails but now the weapon of war is now being used here in America.

Before people say that I’m being a hypocrite because I have an earlier blog supporting the usage of drones. However, in that blog I stated that the usage of drones should be done when the threat of harm to an individual or a group of people is imminent. However, for just surveillance purposes I am not in support of that. A month or so back we witnessed Rand Paul debate the usage of drones on American soil for nearly 15 hours. Demonstrating his discontent for the program.

John F Kennedy states “Conformity is the jailer of freedom” and I believe that this country is too comfortable with what the government is doing. The Associated Press was harassed by the government and had their phone records taken. Our country has been using fear as a way to justify their reason on why our freedoms are surely slipping away from our grasp.

Sadly no protest have erupted from the discovery made. We stay silent and obedient like a trained dog and just accepting our doggy treat when we do well. Other countries have seen protest when governments do not serve their people in a proper way. But we just sit back and allow it to happen. We do not demand answers or demand people to step down from their position. We say it has to be done to protect us.

If you think outside of the box if terrorist organizations wanted to attack us again they would have done it already. The Boston bombings is an example of that. Terrorist groups are now concerned in gaining the political foothold in the Middle East rather than attacking the United States. We showed them what happens when we are attacked, we go in and hunt them down till we find those responsible for the act. We can see examples of this in Somali, Mali, Syria, and Niger where groups like al-Qaeda and al-Shabaab have tried to take over those countries and install their forms of government.

This country is slowly striping away out rights violating the Bill of Rights by going against the First and Fourth Amendment. If we stay coy and allow it to happen the future we will se this country in is one of communism or dictatorship. Where revolutions like the ones happening in Brazil to Turkey even Syria will have to take place to capture out democracy once again.

United States Will Arm Syrian Opposition.

The United States has declared to the world that the Syrian government has used chemical weapons against its own citizens. Now this report has not come from the United Nations or any of the Western countries involved in bring a end to this conflict. This report has come from our government. This in a way sounds very similar to the events that took place before the United States began military operations in Iraq. However it is too late for the United States to offer the opposition any significant help.

The civil war that has engulfed Syria has claimed an estimated number of 93,000 people all who are either men, women, or children. I believe that for the President to finally act because chemical weapons were “used” was an excuse so he did not receive an uproar like the one he received in the support given to the Libyan people fighting against Gaddafi.

The war has gone on for two years and the United States has done little to make efforts for the civil war to end. Thousands of lives were being lost while the United States and the Western World stood back and allowed for the slaughter of innocent people proceed. As Assad is being supplied weapons by Russia to combat the opposition, Hezbollah has helped by placing “boots” on the ground to help regime forces. Recently the opposition lost the town of Qusair to Assad’s regime thanks to the assistance of outside forces.

The flow of weapons just complicates the situation and actually prolongs the conflict. Russia is supplying Syria and now the United States will supply weapons to the opposition. How does this in any way assist in the ending of this brutal war. It may be hard to say but there has to be some involvement from the international community to end this bloodshed. If we preach liberty for all mankind then how can we sit back and just throw more gasoline into the fire.

With the assistance of Hezbollah, Assad now has the upper hand in this conflict. However, with the delay in assistance the opposition has been infiltrated with jihadist extremist. This only complicates the situation in the regards to handing out weapons to the opposition. Those in charge of handing out those weapons would be none other than the CIA. Sounds familiar? This happened in the 80s when the CIA handed weapons to the Taliban to help fight the Soviets. Now we are handing weapons to people who may not be in the interest of the Syrian people and the international community.

If those weapons fall into the wrong hands will this only be the preface of another Afghanistan? After Assad is toppled and the new government is transitioned will they be partners of the United States? What I also have issue with is how the United States has come to the conclusion that chemical weapons were actually used. After numerous scandals coming from Washington I find it very difficult to believe that the conclusion of this report is actually true.

Even U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon stated “No one can be certain chemical-weapons were used without an on-the-ground investigation.” If the United States is planning to use the same game plan they used in the build up of the Iraq war then we will only fail in our goal of protecting the innocent lives of civilians. The international community needs to slow the flow of weapons going to Assad. They should also plan to use a no-fly zone to limit the force the regime has inflicted onto their population. If they were able to conduct such a no fly zone in Libya then why not Syria?

Placing sanctions on countries who supply arms to either side would be a step in limiting an unlimited flow of weapons. Considering the placement of U.N Forces to alleviate routes to evacuate the severely wounded would also be a step in the right direction. However, just throwing more weapons into the mix is going to create more bloodshed and more worries in the future. Lies will only taint the true cause of democracy and the cause of freedom.

Countries Sign Arms Trade Treaty

Today delegates of the United Nations began to sign into effect and arms trade treaty. First after hearing this I was proud to see that countries are begin to see that there has to be some form of control in the world of arms trade. With current events seen through out the world the arms business has been responsible for thousands of lives lost due to these weapons. With the country of Argentina being the first country to sign the treaty signs of hope begin to shine. However, the United States has yet to sign the treaty. Advocates of the NRA have already begun their argument that this treaty is the violation of their second amendment right and that this document for change will take their guns.

First off for the NRA to make this claim that this is the violation of their second amendment rights is a flawed one. This U.N. declaration is intended to have some oversight over the trade of arms. The monitoring of where weapons go to should be consider with the recent situations going on around the world. One example of these arms trade can be compared to the current situation in Syria.

Russia has been a nation that has supplied arms to the Assad regime in fighting the opposition since the begin of the conflicts. This arms trade has fueled the Syrian conflict prolonging the war. If Russia was to seize their arms trade to Syria the conflict may lead to a transition of power instead of the loss of life that has been created due to this conflict.

The treaty in no way states that the treaty will prevent the sales of arms to the United States. If the NRA wants to be a group who support Americans in owning guns then that’s not a problem that is their given rights as citizens. However, they have no need to advocate the Senate from not ratifying this declaration and not allow the United States to sign this treaty.

If the United States is able to take part in this treaty it will show how the United States is part of the campaign to save the lives of innocent citizens of the world. In order for their guns to be “taken” away congress and the senate must passed legislation intended to be applied in the United States.

Also congress and senators have to listen to the NRA or their campaigns funds may be withdrawn and will be the target in the next election for a seat in the Capitol. It is bad enough that the NRA is against reducing the amount of rounds in a magazine to ten. For someone to have a drum of a hundred rounds to me is a bit ridiculous. Last time I checked we are to be a civilized society and model of living life and liberty not a country who needs to be armed as though we are at war here at home. The NRA before advocating against the U.N. treaty should see the trade of arms is affecting security from a global aspect. Where dictators receive arms and use them against their people. Sometimes we must agree to look a bigger cause then our own and see that the international community needs to take part in promoting better world for all mankind one step at a time.

Will the World Seek Change.

  In today’s world endless wars rage on around the world.  From counter terrorism missions to actual combat between nations.  Man since the beginning of times seems to be program for such acts of violence.  But what has me surprised is that even with the thousand of years that this world has been around, man still believes that force an violence is the true answer to a democratic free world.

  Man has advance in many ways from phones that are now touch screen and even ones where you can ask it to look you up random things to medical advances such as the treatment of cancer.  However, man still has not found a way that we can coincide with one another. Governments continue to threaten one another with the possibilty of a nuclear war to harboring fundamentalist groups that want to cause harm to innocent people to promote a cause of murder and fear.

  If history has been our teacher in life then how we come we have not used those lessons to help steer away from conflict?  The world that we inhabit will not be ours for ever rather we will pass down all of troubles to our children and to our grandchildren.  I understand that to have complete peace is a dream all in its own.  But can the process of working towards a world with lest confrontation be achievable?  Can world leaders learn how to work hand in hand to weed out extremist elements that harm the common cause for peace?  

  Today world leaders are so obsessed with becoming militarily dominate that the have ignore the concerns of their people.  For example the United States uses majority of its budget for military purposes however, do little to help promote education and little to help provide funding to state emergency services.  We have advance to using drones to conduct military operations and in the process ruined the lives of families who have suffered a loss due to our drone program.  We have invaded nations with out proper reason and lied to the world to do it.

  However, the United States is one of many countries who have not worked towards achieving a goal that should be pursed by all men and woman regardless of religious back ground and political affiliation.  World countries have also become greedy with money and power.  Banks are giving the biggest assistance when they begin to falter off tax payers money.  However, banks are so reluctant to help invest in infrastructure projects to help promote growth.  Rather these governments continue austerity and contribute to put a boot on the throats of their citizens as they try to live day by day with the little things that they have.

  Banks are allowed to borrow at interest rates at such a low rate it as though they are basically receiving free money.   While college students have to borrow at rates as high as nine percent.  Creating a bubble that will surely bust just as the housing market in 2008, just a matter of time before it happens.  And as these college students graduate they find it difficult to gain a job in the field that they studied for.  The gap between the rich and the poor continues to grow, people are prosecuted for their religious beliefs, and regions in the world are becoming more unstable as the days pass us by.

  In the world of uncertainty our future may seem to bring more problems and more anguish.  Problems that need to br addressed are ignored.  The problems we seek only complicate our policies and our mission.  War and greed will be the fall of nations as we can see with the history of the Romans, the French (Napoleon era), Great Britain, and Russia.  We fear other countries gaining economic power and use our military as a card to show our muscles and give fair warning to not succede.  Countries use cheap labor to gain profits, a legal form of slavery and do little to assure workers their rights.  Such as the garment factory tragedies that have occurred in the past two years.  

  It is fool hearted to believe that this all will go away and change but if we do not start then what will be the future of our world. Will the gap between the rich and the poor bring about a revolution in some countries?  Will it invite the nationalistic view that has led to wars?  Will it lead to countries such as the United States to even become a third world country?  Will it lead to future conflicts between nations to acquire the resources need to survive?  I understand that war is part of man.  But can there be a form of restraint before we have to place boots on the ground?  Can we work together to crack down on extremist who uses terroristic acts to have their point jammed into the minds of innocent civilians?  Or have we created these elements because of our foreign and domestic policies that we have instilled.  Maybe to think of a world where our children and grand children can live in harmony is far from being attained but can we start that process and understand that no matter what part of the world we are from that we are brothers and sisters and not enemies or foes.  

As president Kennedy said : “Let both sides seek to invoke the wonders of science instead of its terrors. Together let us explore the stars, conquer the deserts, eradicate disease, tap the ocean depths, and encourage the arts and commerce.Let both sides unite to heed, in all corners of the earth, the command of Isaiah — to “undo the heavy burdens, and [to] let the oppressed go free.And, if a beachhead of cooperation may push back the jungle of suspicion, let both sides join in creating a new endeavor — not a new balance of power, but a new world of law — where the strong are just, and the weak secure, and the peace preserved.All this will not be finished in the first one hundred days. Nor will it be finished in the first one thousand days; nor in the life of this Administration; nor even perhaps in our lifetime on this planet. But let us begin.”

Can we achieve this goal that Kennedy once stated over 40 years ago or will we sit back and just continue on a path that can only seem to lead to a future of war and poverty.