Countries Sign Arms Trade Treaty

Today delegates of the United Nations began to sign into effect and arms trade treaty. First after hearing this I was proud to see that countries are begin to see that there has to be some form of control in the world of arms trade. With current events seen through out the world the arms business has been responsible for thousands of lives lost due to these weapons. With the country of Argentina being the first country to sign the treaty signs of hope begin to shine. However, the United States has yet to sign the treaty. Advocates of the NRA have already begun their argument that this treaty is the violation of their second amendment right and that this document for change will take their guns.

First off for the NRA to make this claim that this is the violation of their second amendment rights is a flawed one. This U.N. declaration is intended to have some oversight over the trade of arms. The monitoring of where weapons go to should be consider with the recent situations going on around the world. One example of these arms trade can be compared to the current situation in Syria.

Russia has been a nation that has supplied arms to the Assad regime in fighting the opposition since the begin of the conflicts. This arms trade has fueled the Syrian conflict prolonging the war. If Russia was to seize their arms trade to Syria the conflict may lead to a transition of power instead of the loss of life that has been created due to this conflict.

The treaty in no way states that the treaty will prevent the sales of arms to the United States. If the NRA wants to be a group who support Americans in owning guns then that’s not a problem that is their given rights as citizens. However, they have no need to advocate the Senate from not ratifying this declaration and not allow the United States to sign this treaty.

If the United States is able to take part in this treaty it will show how the United States is part of the campaign to save the lives of innocent citizens of the world. In order for their guns to be “taken” away congress and the senate must passed legislation intended to be applied in the United States.

Also congress and senators have to listen to the NRA or their campaigns funds may be withdrawn and will be the target in the next election for a seat in the Capitol. It is bad enough that the NRA is against reducing the amount of rounds in a magazine to ten. For someone to have a drum of a hundred rounds to me is a bit ridiculous. Last time I checked we are to be a civilized society and model of living life and liberty not a country who needs to be armed as though we are at war here at home. The NRA before advocating against the U.N. treaty should see the trade of arms is affecting security from a global aspect. Where dictators receive arms and use them against their people. Sometimes we must agree to look a bigger cause then our own and see that the international community needs to take part in promoting better world for all mankind one step at a time.


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