United States Will Arm Syrian Opposition.

The United States has declared to the world that the Syrian government has used chemical weapons against its own citizens. Now this report has not come from the United Nations or any of the Western countries involved in bring a end to this conflict. This report has come from our government. This in a way sounds very similar to the events that took place before the United States began military operations in Iraq. However it is too late for the United States to offer the opposition any significant help.

The civil war that has engulfed Syria has claimed an estimated number of 93,000 people all who are either men, women, or children. I believe that for the President to finally act because chemical weapons were “used” was an excuse so he did not receive an uproar like the one he received in the support given to the Libyan people fighting against Gaddafi.

The war has gone on for two years and the United States has done little to make efforts for the civil war to end. Thousands of lives were being lost while the United States and the Western World stood back and allowed for the slaughter of innocent people proceed. As Assad is being supplied weapons by Russia to combat the opposition, Hezbollah has helped by placing “boots” on the ground to help regime forces. Recently the opposition lost the town of Qusair to Assad’s regime thanks to the assistance of outside forces.

The flow of weapons just complicates the situation and actually prolongs the conflict. Russia is supplying Syria and now the United States will supply weapons to the opposition. How does this in any way assist in the ending of this brutal war. It may be hard to say but there has to be some involvement from the international community to end this bloodshed. If we preach liberty for all mankind then how can we sit back and just throw more gasoline into the fire.

With the assistance of Hezbollah, Assad now has the upper hand in this conflict. However, with the delay in assistance the opposition has been infiltrated with jihadist extremist. This only complicates the situation in the regards to handing out weapons to the opposition. Those in charge of handing out those weapons would be none other than the CIA. Sounds familiar? This happened in the 80s when the CIA handed weapons to the Taliban to help fight the Soviets. Now we are handing weapons to people who may not be in the interest of the Syrian people and the international community.

If those weapons fall into the wrong hands will this only be the preface of another Afghanistan? After Assad is toppled and the new government is transitioned will they be partners of the United States? What I also have issue with is how the United States has come to the conclusion that chemical weapons were actually used. After numerous scandals coming from Washington I find it very difficult to believe that the conclusion of this report is actually true.

Even U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon stated “No one can be certain chemical-weapons were used without an on-the-ground investigation.” If the United States is planning to use the same game plan they used in the build up of the Iraq war then we will only fail in our goal of protecting the innocent lives of civilians. The international community needs to slow the flow of weapons going to Assad. They should also plan to use a no-fly zone to limit the force the regime has inflicted onto their population. If they were able to conduct such a no fly zone in Libya then why not Syria?

Placing sanctions on countries who supply arms to either side would be a step in limiting an unlimited flow of weapons. Considering the placement of U.N Forces to alleviate routes to evacuate the severely wounded would also be a step in the right direction. However, just throwing more weapons into the mix is going to create more bloodshed and more worries in the future. Lies will only taint the true cause of democracy and the cause of freedom.


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