Conformity and How Governments Take Advantage

Recently in the past week a contractor who once worked for the NSA exposed the agencies practices of collecting information on American citizens. Ranging from telephone numbers and calls to our personal e-mails. Edward Snowden the man who blasted the United States government and their surveillance practices has opened the floor to the debate on the power of the federal government. Politicians from both sides of the aisle have describe this patriot as a traitor to our nation. I disagree with that assertion because I do believe that at any time our government begins to overreach it must be brought on notice to the American public who pay taxes of their doing.

Snowden who exposed the government of their surveillance practices is now staying out of law enforcements radar. Who can blame him? Congressman John Boehner has called Snowden a traitor but he’s not the only one to call him that. Dick Cheney as well called the NSA contractor as a traitor and needs to be prosecuted to fullest extent of the law. Being tried under the Espionage Act of 1917 may lead to a life sentence or even death for Snowden.

What Snowden did I consider to be the right thing. In no way do I believe that he put out assets or soldiers in harms way. The reason why I say that is because terrorist organizations already know the tactics we use when we hunt them down. So this isn’t anything new to them. Terrorist groups have adapt to the methods used by the United States.

On that note our government stated that they have grounds on conducting these surveillances in order to thwart potential terrorist attacks. If that’s the case then why were the Tsarnaev brothers able to execute their attack. Especially since the Russian government informed the FBI of the older brothers visit to a Muslim dominated part of the country.

After 9/11 the government told us that the Patriot Act will protect us and prevent another attack such as the one that we faced on that horrific day from happening again. We stood back and said do as you please big brother you know what’s best for us. And now we have our e-mails and phone calls being collected by the masses. The government says that they are not looking through those files that they collect that part I find very hard to believe. After the multiple scandals that have taken hold of Obamas second term I am very skeptical that those files are not being sifted through.

In a USA today article titled “3 NSA veterans speak out on whistle-blower: We told you so” a former NSA worker stated the following on congressional oversight “Binney: But the way it’s set up now, it’s a joke. I mean, it can’t work the way it is because they have no real way of seeing into what these agencies are doing. They are totally dependent on the agencies briefing them on programs, telling them what they are doing. And as long as the agencies tell them, they will know. If they don’t tell them, they don’t know. And that’s what’s been going on here.” So if we are to be dependent on what these agencies tell Congress then how can we be sure they are telling us the truth?

The part which is very disappointing is how majority of Americans believe that Snowden should be tried as a spy for his leaking of the information on the governments collection of our e-mails and phone calls. Has America become so conformed that we are willing to wave good bye to our freedoms? Another issue I have which relates to take NSA’s collection of information is the FBI usage of drones on US citizens.

Yes you heard right drones have been used to surveillance Americans on American soil. So not only so we have a government checking in to who and when we talk to people and even what we send in our e-mails but now the weapon of war is now being used here in America.

Before people say that I’m being a hypocrite because I have an earlier blog supporting the usage of drones. However, in that blog I stated that the usage of drones should be done when the threat of harm to an individual or a group of people is imminent. However, for just surveillance purposes I am not in support of that. A month or so back we witnessed Rand Paul debate the usage of drones on American soil for nearly 15 hours. Demonstrating his discontent for the program.

John F Kennedy states “Conformity is the jailer of freedom” and I believe that this country is too comfortable with what the government is doing. The Associated Press was harassed by the government and had their phone records taken. Our country has been using fear as a way to justify their reason on why our freedoms are surely slipping away from our grasp.

Sadly no protest have erupted from the discovery made. We stay silent and obedient like a trained dog and just accepting our doggy treat when we do well. Other countries have seen protest when governments do not serve their people in a proper way. But we just sit back and allow it to happen. We do not demand answers or demand people to step down from their position. We say it has to be done to protect us.

If you think outside of the box if terrorist organizations wanted to attack us again they would have done it already. The Boston bombings is an example of that. Terrorist groups are now concerned in gaining the political foothold in the Middle East rather than attacking the United States. We showed them what happens when we are attacked, we go in and hunt them down till we find those responsible for the act. We can see examples of this in Somali, Mali, Syria, and Niger where groups like al-Qaeda and al-Shabaab have tried to take over those countries and install their forms of government.

This country is slowly striping away out rights violating the Bill of Rights by going against the First and Fourth Amendment. If we stay coy and allow it to happen the future we will se this country in is one of communism or dictatorship. Where revolutions like the ones happening in Brazil to Turkey even Syria will have to take place to capture out democracy once again.


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