Protest Happening Around the World Does It Mean Anything

Recently the world has seen a massive wave of protest taking place around the world. From the Middle East to Europe young men and women have taken to the streets to call attention to the practices of their government. Practices that have left nations with a high unemployment rate and a widening gap between the rich and the poor. Now we are seeing a growing number of Brazilians taking to the streets and letting their government know that they are not satisfied with the way the country is being run.

Now each protest have a different voice some ranging from religious freedom to the demand of more public investment from the government. In Brazil people are protesting that their government are using their tax dollars in the wrong way. Currently the government of Brazil is funding projects preparing them for the Confederation Cup as well as two major world sporting events, the World Cup and the Olympics. Many citizens feel that the money should be spent on education reform and infrastructure projects. One point however, that can be made for the projects the government can make to support their cause is that those stadiums will create revenue from tourist around the world as well as those in the country. Those revenues will need the help of workers to help run those stadiums as well as local restaurants and shops.

One factor that is being left out of the equation is what happens after those stadiums are used for the games? Does this mean that those who were hired to work their have to look for other work since there will be no games being played there. So citizens of Brazil have went to to the street to voice then concern. The one disappointing factor is how some have taken peaceful protest and brought in violence.

Now police have responded to the protest similar to how other government forces have responded to majority of protest. The use of tear gas and rubber bullets. When the United States had their own protest in California on campuses and in the streets police officers resulted to tear gas and rubber bullets. Injuring people who wanted their voices to be heard by their government. Students were even peppered sprayed while peacefully sitting down and protesting about the rise of tuition cost.

Over in Europe different countries have seen their fair share of protesters. After the 2008 market collapse Europe was significantly affected. Creating high unemployment and strenuous times for their citizens. Banks were bailed out by tax layer dollars and the go we me t has yet made moves to help spur economic growth. More austerity has been the belief for fixing the economic slump the Euro is in. Governments have failed to pass referendums to help better the country instead they pass austerity cuts to just receive bail out packages from Germany and the European Central Bank. Yet the people of the European block still are struggling to pay for their mortgages and find a job to get some source of income.

Over in the Middle East countries such as Syria, Egypt, and Turkey are facing the same issue of protest. Protesters their are calling for a democratic government, one who can focus on economic improvement and a secular one as well. President Moursi has yet made any declaration of an economic plan to better his country. Instead he declared that he would hold a bigger portion of government in his hand. Attempting to force a new constitution which favored more of the Muslim Brotherhood than the minorities of the country.

The world is seeing a wave of change in some parts of the world but it also demonstrates how greed has run its course and people are being fed up with how governments are lacking in their role to promote better economic status. The Fed recently said that they see better economic growth saying that they project to see the unemployment rate to drop to 6.5%. Basically saying that any chance of seeing the economic rate drop to 3%-4% in the near future. However, the Fed fails to say how the true unemployment is standing at 13%. The gap between the rich and the poor continue to expand, schools are shutting down and the countries infrastructure is just breaking down.

College graduates are graduating and they are finding it very difficult to find a job. Student debt is estimated to be one trillion dollars. However, our country can set rates for banks at a whopping .75% yet charge a student an interests rate of 6.5% to 7%. Ironically the United States government has done littler to alleviate the problem expect point to finger at one another.

Protest have occurred in the United States however, quickly smothered by the government and the help of politicians who downplayed these protest and labeled those same people as Americans who don’t want to look for work. Maybe corporate CEOs and government officials can look at what is going on and see that hoarding the wealth can only cause people to take to the streets and it is the responsibility of the government to take the necessary steps to help its citizens. However, with the priority of conflict on the agenda countries will continue to cater to the wealthy and tell those less fortunate to sink or swim.


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