Spying Replacing True Diplomacy

  Today breaking news came out about Snowden being flown from Hong Kong to Russia and now possibly to Ecuador.  The recent movements that have taken place in the past 48hrs of Snowden have the United States running around trying to get an extradition of the NSA contractor. Some have labeled Snowden as a traitor and should be prosecuted under the Espionage Act of 1917 and if convicted he can face death.  Giving Snowden a reason to try and evade extradition back to the United State and is now in Russia. The location of where Snowden is being harbored has only complicated the relations between the Russian and American governments.

Before I get into this any further I want to bring up something I heard today while watching the news.  During an interview a reporter asked why is it so difficult for the United Sattes to capture the NSA contractor. He went further to say that why cant the United States us Navy Seal team six like they did with bin Laden.  To place Snowden in a category comparable to bin Laden is a bit extreme for me.  This man is not in charge of a terrorist network and he is not planning attacks to harm or kill innocent people. I’ve stated before that I do believe what Snowden did was the right thing.  Yet majority of Washington has labeled Snowden as a traitor.


Since the leak by Snowden I have yet to see any affects from what he exposed.  The reason why the American government is upset that he leaked out the PRISM program run by the NSA is because he caught them with their pants down. The government is treating this man as if though he gave out a list of CIA assets and their location through out the world.  He also exposed how the British government spied on Turkey during a G8 summit. Tapping into computers and phones that were used by the Turkish diplomats in a cafe during their stay at the G8 summit. Coincidence that our closest ally conducts the same program that the United States conducts and was exposed. See why their is such a rush to try and extradite Snowden back to the states.


Now by having Snowden in Moscow the United States can not get any more livid then they already are.  Russia has been a strong ally to President Bashar al-Assad and has struck down any U.N Sanction that may have looked similar to the ones used in Libya. Relations with Russia and the United States can only be described as murkier then the Cold War times. Countless times the United States has singled out Russia for human right violations and now with the expose by Snowden the United States now looks like a big hypocrite. Having Snowden in Russia only pushes any chance for diplomatic talks further away and strains those who want a peaceful end to the Syrian conflict. Another factor to observe is how Hon Kong allowed Snowden to fly to Russia. What does this say about relations with China?

Snowden not only exposed the United States for their domestic spying program but also exposed the United States and their cyber attacks on the Chinese government. Now reports of a Chinese military unit that has hacked into American servers have been exposed to the American public so it can only be said that we have the right to hack back. However, how can we continue diplomacy if continue the “I Spy Game” and not work towards actual talks of diplomacy. I can believe the one factor that makes this game replace true diplomacy and that has to deal with nuclear weapons. We are afraid of the strained relationships we have created that it is necessary to spy on one another. Which is why the United States justifies, their reason to spy on their own Americans.

 Fear has motivated this spying game we are seeing exposed today. As a country we have veered off the path of the true meaning of leading the world. We have shown blatant disregard for the sovereignty of other nations in the regards to the countless drone attacks that are conducted. These attacks have resulted in the deaths of innocent civilians damaging the image that we barely have in the world. With the ilegal invasion of Iraq and the 12 year war in Afghanistan we have soured our look. This leak exposes how the United States refuses to attempt to change its look as a government who can choose to do as it pleases but when it is exposed they will get angry and make every attempt possible to detain the “traitor.” However, he landed in the hands of country where relations are strained and does not seem to get any better. Spying has replaced the form of diplomacy that real leaders use and created a mistrust in government within the country where so many scandals have surfaced.  


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