Is Diplomacy Possible With Iran’s New President?

  Recently Iran inaugurated it’s new president Mr. Hassan Rouhani into the head of it’s government.  With former President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad out and a new face in the political world can true negotiations take place between Iran and the Western world?  With a new president taking over in Iran it opens up the chance for potential dialogue between the United States and Iran.  Recent news has touched on the new president taking over the country in Iran and from what I am hearing it sounds as though Mr.  Rouhani is serious about making way for a new opportunity between the two countries who have been at odds with each other for quite some time.  

  First off, Mr. Rouhani has stated that he is willing to be more transparent with other international countries and has even mentioned that he will work on the rights for the women of Iran.  I understand that it may be premature to actually believe the word of the new Iranian president because of the previous history that we’ve had with prior leaders of the country.  The countless threats that have echoed by former President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad towards Israel and the United States however, that was one man who even within his own country was not popularly supported. 

  Secondly, the blame cannot be placed only on Iran, part of the stalemate between the United States and Iran has to be with the economic sanctions placed by the United States and it’s allies that have severely crippled the country’s value and contributed to their high unemployment rate.  This current situation can be related to the relation between the Russia and the United States during the cold war.  Both President Kennedy and Premiere Nikita Khrushchev faced tense pressure from their advisers and fellow political leaders.  

  The purpose of the economic sanctions is to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon which can spark off an arms race in the Middle East.  Similar to the spread of communism through out Europe and the arms race that both the United States and Russia engaged in.  At first I was a huge supporter of the sanctions being placed on Iran because I do fear a nation holding a nuclear weapon which has threatened the use of it on other countries.  Another factor that has made me second guess the chances of true talks is the fact that Iran has supported President Bashar al-Assad and his crackdowns on the Syrian people which has been going on for almost three years.

  However, I do not believe that we should just go off those reasons as well as other things that have complicated the relationship.  The civil war in Syria can be again in relation to Cold War events.  At the time of Kennedy’s presidency, the president had to deal with the war that was going on in Laos and in Vietnam.  Both countries were being supplied by the Russians as well as the United States.  In our history we learned of North Vietnam that was communist and South Vietnam which was pro-democracy.  You can guess which sides the Americans and Russians were on.

  With this change I believe that President Barrack Obama should take the chance to work on some steps to give Iran some faith that the United States is open and ready to talk.  The sanctions that we placed on Iran has crippled their economy and created a high unemployment rate in the country.  In a way we have declared a war on Iran and it has been supported by the world community.  With high unemployment and the devaluing of their currency affects the millions of Iranians that live in the country and only fuels the anger towards the United States. The new president Mr. Rouhani has stated that he will respect talks but sanctions or no way a sign of respect.

  If we are able to engage in talks with Iran we do not need to immediately jump into the nuclear conversation rather they can work on a crisis that affects both nations.  Maybe talks can start in how there can be a end to the Syrian civil war, I do not believe that both men believe that slaughter that is going on must end.  Appealing to the other side is not a show of weakness rather strength.  

 Both presidents are leaders of countries that can make a difference if both are able compromise and respect on another and be authentic with one another.  I believe that peace can be attained if both sides are willing to pursue it.  What they must remember is that war does not bring victory rather tragedy.  Those who come from the horror of war are scarred mentally as well as physically.  We must spare our children from that horror.  That should be the focus to find ways that both nations can agree to work together.

  A key note I want to make is the cabinet picks that the new president of Iran has picked.  One pick that stood out to me was the new Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif who has ties in Washington. The pieces are there for the United States to take this opportunity and exploit it for peace talks. If that does not work then I will stand corrected but seeing the talks Kennedy and Khrushchev had through letters showed me that true leaders can put aside their country’s politics and talk as men who knew what war can truly bring. To believe that attaining compromise with Iran is not possible then that is a defeats belief. The problems that we say in front of us are man made problems and that means that they can be fixed. Lets just sit back and wait and see what results with a new Iranian president.


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