Pressure Mounting on the Egyptian Military?

Today reports came out that Egyptian security officials will instruct their forces to go against protesters who are support of the former Egyptian President Mohammed Mursi. Supporters of Morsi and the governments forces have clashed a couple times already since the second revolution in the country. Since Mursi was ousts, 250 people have been killed due to these clashes between protesters and government forces. However, anti-Mursi protesters have been kidnapped, tortured, and even killed by pro-Mursi supporters.

A mass number of the Egyptian people went to the streets demanding the ouster of Mursi and ever since pro-Mursi supporters have been in the streets demanding that he be reinstated to the presidency. They also want to have the constitution installed back into the country and strip the legislative branch of government. Am I to believe that the demands of those who support Mursi sound to be a bit anti-democratic? The interim government has even stated that they will allow the brotherhood to be in the discussion of the new constitution. The door is open for them to be part of rebuilding the country and instead stand behind a government that seems to be no different then the one Mubarak ran.

Now the issue that is facing the interim government is what to do with the protests that have gone on for the oust president. In fairness there are people who support Mursi but mean no harm. They are those who in a democratic society are having their voices heard. However, when you begin to bring in children to your protest and say that you are willing to risk their safety to prove your cause they I cannot take your protest serious. Why will you go to the point of violence to prove your cause?

Yes if you believe in something you must stand for what you believe in however, the interim government has allowed members from the brotherhood to participate. Why not disperse and work with not just one group of Egyptians but work with all Egyptians on rebuilding the country. The country has been ailing in the economic sector with an unemployment rate of 13.2%. However, if clashes continue to happen their will be little chance that this interim government will be able to fix the nation.

Also a democratic nation must have a legislative branch that can take up challenges of implementing laws that would benefit and protect the civilians of the country. With out a legislative branch who will create legislation for the country of Egypt? The only person I see who is next in line to create laws would be the president. Handing all the power to one man can only lead to a dictatorship that may favor only one group of people and ignore the concern of others. IS that a true democratic nation?

The pressure is on the Egyptian military because what they can do next may jeopardize any chance for the country to see progress. The media has already labeled the actions by the military as a coup. Also the media has portrayed the army as one ruling with an iron fist by shooting at protesters. So if the government goes in to break up the pro-Mursi protest and casualties result from this all legitimacy is lost on the interim government.

Protesters have brought their children to these protest and have stated that they are willing to risk their child’s life it means that they die for Mursi. I hear this rhetoric and it scares me to think that people are willing to place their child in harms way. That is what the government is faced with. If they move in and it creates a fight between government forces and pro-Mursi supporters those clashes can result in a exchange of gunfire.

However, the government has already created a perimeter around the area where the sit-ins have taken place. I truly fear that when the government moves in there will be violence because they are very defiant in staying and protesting. One thing I truly dislike is when government forces turn their weapons on their own people. I am a supporter of citizens who go to the streets and protest when their government is violating their civil rights or has done nothing in stabilizing its economy. However, anti-Mursi protesters are demanding a government that will only resemble dictatorship. I hope that their are casualties when the government sends in a police special force team to break up the sit-ins. If there are lives lost the light for a new Egypt will become dim.

In the Quran the Al-Baqara section 11 it states “When it is said to them, ‘Do not spread disorder on the earth’, they say,’We are but reformers.'”


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