Are We Headed Towards a Full Scale Military Operation in Syria?

Last week news came out of Syria that the Assad regime had once again used chemical weapons on his own people in the city of Damascus. Videos of those affected by the attacks hit almost every media outlet and now we see no other option but to act now. For the past two years the civil war in Syria has raged on and U.N reports have showed that over hundred thousand Syrian civilians have been killed for the past two years. The United States and the rest of the world stood by as the battle in Syria only seemed to intensify.

Videos that have been flooding our news programs show civilians being treated from what appears to be the use of chemical weapons. However, claims have been made previous times on the use of chemical weapons by the Assad regime. President Obama stated that once the use chemical have been used that it would be a “game changer” or the “red line” and yet the United States and other western leaders of the world have yet to make any sufficient step towards ending the war in Syria.

Instead the president and other world leaders have kicked the can down the road for to long. With little action done by the United States and Europe the war raged on and in time those who are affiliated with terrorist networks have gained a foothold in the Syrian Opposition. We have yet to arm the Syrian Opposition for that very same reason.

Now that the news of chemical weapons have been used again, this event has now placed even more pressure to intervene in the conflict of Syria. As U.N chemical weapons inspectors attempted to make their way to the place of the attack they were fired upon by a unknown sniper. After the government of Syria agreed to have U.N inspectors to make their way to site they decide to fire upon those very same inspectors. They must know that this type of reaction by the government can only make the case for intervention much stronger for world leaders.

Russia has stated that they will not support such military intervention by outside forces if they any are taken. Secretary of State John Kerry, has had strong condemnation for the attacks carried out by the Syrian regime. However, the plan for military action has been taking place for months now and with the new recent events that have emerged from Syria this gives the necessary reason to intervene militarily.

The reason why this is the best option for the United states and its allies is because they would be in full control of the operations that they will be conducting. Instead of flooding the country with weapons the best course would be to cripple the Assad’s forces and give the Syrian Opposition a chance to gain territory. However, the one question that we should be asking ourselves would be this What type of government will Syria fall in if the opposition succeeds? Will this create a hot bed for terrorist groups to take shelter in?

By standing by we have allowed a growing number of extreme Islamist militants gain a foothold in the opposition and this can be a issue when the Assad regime will have to be replaced.There is no way that the world will let Assad stay in power. He has stayed defiant in staying in power so it will have to be the opposition to force him out. However, if they can’t do it then will we have to go further in terms of military operations? Will this lead the United States and the coalition of the willing to place boots on the ground?

I believe that the United States will have a new theater of war to tend to. Once the Assad regime falls, any and all security of the country will be gone just as in Iraq. Once American forces invaded Iraq border security collapsed allowing al-Qaeda members take a foothold in the country. Now we see suicide attacks increasing in the country of Iraq. Who will be securing the chemical weapons facilities once the opposition takes over? There are a lot of pieces that have to be thought of and planned correctly because some form of outside military presence will be needed to maintain a stable transition.

I also wonder what the Russians will do if military action is taken by the western countries? Also will this settle a chain of events that can lead to a much bigger problem in the Middle East if military involvement occurs? Time can only tell us what happens in the future of Syria however, it does not seem to get any better.


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